The Christmas Ornament



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Jewel Staite as Jenna Lowe
Laura Mennell as Rebecca
Kellie Martin as Kathy Howard
Brendan Meyer as Connor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMan896325 10 / 10

The Older You Are The More You Will Enjoy This

Christmas time is a special time of the year. For many of us it is the best time of the year. In this film that is true for Kathie the young widow who owns "Dream Cycle". The store she just opened with her husband less than a year ago. He died and the business is now struggling.

In the same town is Tim. He is a single guy who gave up on 401k and office work to live his dream. He runs/owns a Christmas tree lot with hopes of something bigger. His dream is to own a place where "Christmas can be celebrated all year long". Tim however is just getting over a break up. He meets Kathy one day on his lot. They click but both are afraid to admit it.

By chances they run into one another ice skating. They become friends but both are like teenagers. Afraid of being hurt and slightly haunted by a past relationship.

The ending is what you expect (AND LET'S FACE YOU WANT THIS TYPE OF ENDING) but everything that happens in this is how most people would react in real life. I love the fact everyone here makes mistakes and learns from them. I also love it that nobody is called "Stupid" for acting (or reacting) a certain way".

IF they ever did a follow up film I would have Tim and Kathie trying to bring more "Christmas Joy" to the town they live in. And along the way they there dreams come 100% true.

Reviewed by JaynaB 8 / 10

A really nice holiday movie with a real-life heart

So many things to like about this understated holiday movie:

1. It's sweet without being sappy, a real relief to see a Hallmark holiday romance where the story is not over the top mushy and crowded with cliché.

2. the actors look and dress like real people, and their houses are closer to normal family homes than Hollywood-scale sets. A little crowded, a little dusty, with short sight-lines.

3. Kellie Martin (who plays Kathy, the widow running her late husband's dream shop) has a face that's lived a life and felt sorrow. She's not touched up to look like a typical young TV widow who has never actually wept or frowned (except beautifully). She moves flawlessly between strong and vulnerable, sadness and humour, tidy and a bit of a mess. She looks and sounds REAL.

4. Cameron Mathison as Tim is cute, in a harmlessly rugged kind of way. A former soap opera actor, he is muted and believable in his character and, unlike so many romantic-movie leads, marked but not terribly traumatized by his past life experiences. He doesn't need to be redeemed through the love of a good woman. There's a bit of believable tension and confusion, both internal and (as expected) external, about an old love affair. He behaves like a nice man, someone you would want to meet or have as a neighbour.

5. The secondary characters seem like real people with their own lives, not the story kind who live their whole lives in service of their cooler or more troubled friend. They never distract from the simple, touching story at the heart of the movie. Jewel Staite is great as Kathy's best friend Jenna, warm and cute and concerned, but clearly has her own life. There's good, credible friend-chemistry between the two, a level of comfort and non-competition that many women wish for and never find.

6. It made me want to go skating again (and eat Christmas cookies, but that I do anyway).

Anyway, without being a great classic in the making, this is a very nice way to spend an evening in the holiday TV season, with ordinary people working through ordinary situations. I know that sounds dull, but if you're tired of the kitcsch and hype of the usual TV fare, this is a nice change of pace that maintains the seasonal glow.

Reviewed by lindalopeza 9 / 10

The Best Hallmark Movie

This is a great film. Kathy plans to avoid any holiday traditions that bring back memories of her late husband until she receives an ornament from a handsome shop owner. To move on from her loss, Kathy works for a balance between her memories and finding a future.

I am sure this film was conceived so that Hallmark could sell the Christmas Ornament that is featured in this film but they did make an amazing film to help sell it!

There is not anything I would change in the film. This film is so special that it made we want to bake cookies and open a Christmas Tree Lot.

If you love Romance then watch!

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