The Chambermaid

2018 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1510

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

Poor Man's "Roma"

"The Chambermaid" is a poor man's answer to Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma."

Where "Roma" painted on a huge canvas, juxtaposing the isolation of the main character's existence amidst the swirling carnival of life happening around her, the world as we know it might as well not exist at all in "The Chambermaid." Or rather, the world is reduced to the hushed hallways, empty rooms, and service areas of a luxury hotel. That's where Eve works and never seems to leave. Her days are comprised of cleaning and taking care of other people's needs while taking care of none of her own. We see her half-heartedly pursuing classes in order to earn her GED, and we know she has a child she adores but only because we see her on the phone checking in with the person taking care of him. She doesn't seem to have any kind of dating life to speak of, though because of a couple of scenes we know she's a sexual being. Her job is making her sick, but she pushes through the moments when she feels most unwell.

"The Chambermaid" is a sobering film, and it's not that much fun to sit through. But it's a very well made film, and there's something quietly mesmerizing about watching one of the nameless, faceless millions that the world is full of and who we interact with every day without really seeing slowly evolve into a full-bodied character with a rich interior life before our eyes. That this happens through long static shots and little dialogue makes the feat even more impressive. Kudos have to go to Gabriela Cartol, the actress who plays Eve and is in virtually every frame of the film. This is the kind of performance that will never garner any wide recognition, but it's one that should.

The only time we see Eve outside the walls of the hotel is in the film's very last shot. But even then, though we're relieved to see her finally interacting with the larger world, we have to ask ourselves if there's any place in it for her.

Grade: A

Reviewed by Jimmy_the_Gent4 8 / 10

An Excellent Slice Of Life

A maid in a Mexico City hotel hopes to move up the ladder.

This is a well made, engrossing film about what happens behind the scenes and when you are not in your hotel room. The main character named Eve is a 24 year old single mother who wants to get her GED and get a better paying job in the hotel. There are several interesting shots of her looking very small among the mounds of linen as she cleans rooms, there is an astounding shot of her on the roof as well. She has some interesting and bizarre encounters with guests and co workers. This is no Hollywood fairy tale like Jennifer Lopez in "Maid In Manhattan". This is a realistic view into a snapshot of life not many get to see. Although it is a fictional scripted movie it reminded me of the great documentaries by Frederick Wiseman. I always felt that seeing normal everyday people going about their day are fascinating, and it held my interest the whole time. I hope more people will seek this out, especially if you like your films real and quietly effective that avoids all Hollywood cliches.

Reviewed by larrys3 8 / 10

Stark & Realistic With a Superb Performance by Cartol

Obviously not for those looking for an action flick, this is a stark and personal look at the daily life of Eve, a 24-year-old introverted maid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel. Impeccably portrayed by Gabriela Cartol, Eve must try and deal with the mundane aspects of her job, often being treated as invisible by the guests, inter-staff politics, and trying to find enough time to see and talk to her young son as the job permits.

Yet Eve does aspire for a better future by taking a GED class and working hard to be placed at the top of the list for a better assignment on the 42nd floor. You can see the strain on her face as she endures various disappointments, but also believing that she has little choice but to keep this job. However, as the stress mounts we begin to see her act in some quite unexpected ways.

To me, this movie, directed by Gabriela Cartol, was rather fascinating and I think its realism was genuine. So for those viewers that like a quiet and cerebral film, with realistic acting that really captures a part of human life, then you may find this one to your liking.

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