The Burnt Orange Heresy


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 2475

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January 16, 2021 at 04:22 AM


Donald Sutherland as Jerome Debney
Claes Bang as James Figueras
Mick Jagger as Joseph Cassidy
Rosalind Halstead as Evelina Macri
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris-h-3 8 / 10

Not much left of the book here but an enjoyable film all the same.

I enjoyed The Burnt Orange Heresy film it looks very pretty and has some nice dialogue. All the cast were good and Mick Jagger was a surprise in that he played his part very well. Claes Bang seemed quite old for the part of a young and up and coming critic though.

The plot at times seemed a little strained. I read the Charles Willeford book a few years ago which possibly helped in following what was going on so far as what the characters motivations were. The film itself seems closer to something from the Tom Ripley novels than in does the book it is supposedly based on. It left out a key thing about Debney's career which everything should really hinge on, seems the script writer wanted to turn this into amost a European film noir than anything to do with the book. But it was an enjoyable hour and fourty minutes all the same.

Reviewed by reallytorkedoff-87464 8 / 10

Steady pace at first, then stuff hits the fan

Some might think it is slow-paced, but I enjoyed the slow build to a very sudden ending which seemed to explode from the first part of the story. I can't say much more without spoilers. I will say that the movie sucks you into its world and the scenery is fantastic.

P.S. Mick Jagger really needs to do more movies. He's a very good actor. In fact, all of the actors in this movie are quite talented.

Reviewed by alberteinstein-90912 7 / 10

Artfully done

The negative criticisms are understandable, if you are only looking for a drama that spoon feeds you an explanation each step of the way. There are only 4 characters and each is developed brilliantly. The best part is the development of what each character represents with their virtues and vices. Greed is demonstrated as a vice that comes in many forms, whether emotional, physical, mentally or monetarily, and it is clearly pervasive in three of the main characters. Like art, the characters are individually perceived differently by the viewer, as well as by each other. Like art, the movie "moves" the viewers to make a emotional connection to the characters and their motives. And finally, like art, every critic can be equally full of %^#.

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