The Bride with White Hair 2

1993 [CN]

Action / Fantasy / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 984

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shahram-2 10 / 10

The most beautiful love story ever

After watching The bride with white hair, I just couldn't wait to watch it's sequel, The bride with white hair 2. I thought that number one was Great. But after hearing the negative reviews most people gave the bride with white hair 2 , I became discouraged. But It didn't matter. I had to see the sequel and see what happened to decide for myself. I'm so glad I did, because this movie was the greatest, most emotional love story ever. It was better than number 1. It had more action and more humour. Much more EDGE OF YOUR SEAT suspense. It wasn't as meaningful as the first one, It had a lot more action. But YET AGAIN the Cinematography was spectacular. The best ever. Both Directors did a marvelous job. And the visuals and music were great. The music really added something. If you haven't seen this, then see it. Every movie goer should. And the ending. What a great ending. The best ending for any Romance movie or ANY movie. It was so beautiful. That one scene is one I can never forget. I just wish that they would have tried to put both the bride with white hair 1 & 2 in the theatres here, in the west. What a shame. Oh well. Just watch it and Enjoy this BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE

Reviewed by Valentin-7 9 / 10

A Romantic Ending of a sad love.

This is one romantic movie can make me cry everytime I watched it. The ending is so beautiful, that I cannot think about any other way to end the story better than this one. Probably, the most beautiful love stories usually

don't have happy endings, but I do think this one has. Just like the boy said at the end," it doesn't matter her hairs are black or white, the most important thing is that they finally can be together."

Afterall, love is the only real element in a love story.

Reviewed by Zoopansick 4 / 10


This was a real let down for me. The original Bride with White Hair is a great kung fu fantasy film but this one was pretty weak. I didn't care at all for the new characters who unfortunately dominated the screen time and the story wasn't well developed. While the first film was tragic and involving this one was tedious (as I merely counted the time to the end when the ill-fated lovers would actually meet). The action was poor in this one as well. The fights were not choreographed very well and there really wasn't much kung-fu at all. Just a few weak sword fights between the highly dis-likable Lui and one of Lin's henchwomen. Lin herself mainly uses a sort of telekinesis to throw people into walls and sometimes her hair, a far cry from the impressive showing with the whip and kung-fu she displayed in the previous film. I still gave this movie a 4 because at least it was fast pace and I did want to see what was going to happen at the end, though I (as most anyone who watched the first one) predicted it would go down the way it did and after seeing it I found it anti-climactic and wished they had either made a proper sequel or just left the story alone. I really recommend the first one but as for the sequel only fans of the genre and those who really want to see Lin as the bride one more time need apply.

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