The Break-In


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 481

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rachwashington 10 / 10

Great watch

I was really impressed by the originality of this film. I love watching Indie films, but oftentimes they aren't original and / or seem actually amateur (which, let's face it... if you're going to produce a film, shouldn't it be GOOD? Anyway..!). So this movie was GOOD. I was genuinely interested for the duration of the movie. And it's not long either, which was fine with me. It caught my interest. I liked the story. The acting was good. And it appealed to me throughout. I am giving it a thumbs-up because I ALMOST didn't watch this movie because of a couple negative reviews I saw, but then decided to (especially since it's only about an hour). I'm glad I didn't let their uncalled for negativity ruin my potential to watch a good movie! I'm excited to see more from Doescher. He really seems to have a creative mind and know what he's doing. Way to go, The Break-in!

Reviewed by jdoescher 10 / 10

Similar, but different.......and in a great way

I am a big fan of indie horror. I watch pretty much every unknown horror that hits Netflix. So I figured I would give this one a first, started off much like a lot of the found footage movies out there.

Sets up the story and characters, filmed a lot like Paranormal Activity. But unlike a typical ghost story, this one was about a home invasion. To me, that was much more realistic than a demon in my house. I don't want to give anything away, but watch this film! And then tell me you don't double check every lock in your house afterwards.

The last half of the film is especially terrifying. Again, I am a big fan of found footage films. Some people hate them. But if you are a fan, this one is worth the rental.

Reviewed by jayanderson-53643 10 / 10

Don't get the negative reviews........the wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

This film hit on all the right notes for me. First off, I am newly a father and watching this film made me relate to everything going on with the main characters. They were super natural and my wife and i felt like I had known this couple all of our lives.

The first half of the film you really get to know the characters and even though its not super fast paced in the beginning, it helps to build the suspense of what was to come. I have also been a victim of a burglary in my life so when the bad stuffs starts to happen to this couple, it really freaked me out! Very realistic film and great plot.

And not to even mention the ending that blew me and my wife away. WHat a crazy way to end the film and so original. I don't usually think about films after I watch them, but this one had the wife and I thinking about it for days. Excellent film. Bravo to indie film makers around the world. Hope to see more like this one

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