The Boonies


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 2.8 10 191

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heartgodmedia 8 / 10

Amazing Homage to classic 70s Horror

This is the type film that you get or you do not. Sadly audiences these days are not authentic fans of the genre and expect something that was never intended. Films like this pay tribute to an era that was the building blocks for not only an entire genre but a movement, feel and style of filmmaking. To see a movie that is put out in 2021 with its influences on its sleeve and is actually entertaining is a breath of fresh air. Again, you need to know what you are watching or at least understand the genre tone. If you do not, you'll bounce on the opposing side of comprehension. Far too many viewers end up falling on the sides that "WE" as genre fans fought against. Check this out and then go back and watch some 70s horror films from the godfathers of the genre...perhaps then you'll understand this love letter to an important decade in our beloved horror genre. Roots are important. Watch with ease.

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10

Christine Mancini deserves an Oscar

I do like the old Deliverance style movies but sadly this one ain't gonna win no Oscars.

It is very low budget and so should be rated and reviewed as such and to be honest the photography was not bad and the sound effects did their job, its just a shame none of the cast could act.... Well with the exception of mama she was pure magic and elevated this film above what it would have been without her.

Christine Mancini deserves an oscar for her performance, she was great!

Sadly the movie itself was in need of better effects and really they should know how to mix tomato sauce and glycerol to produce proper blood as it looks more like Red Kola they used.

Good movie if you need a laugh as I am not entirely 100% sure but I think the director may have actually been aiming for black comedy; just did not really do it for me unfortunately...and it was also 30 mins too long!

Reviewed by m-burakyuksel-564-438070 1 / 10

Even calling this movie mediocre is a compliment

I do not understand why the rating of this movie is high. In the movie, the actors exhibited extremely poor and simple acting. The music is extremely bad. The script is silly and simple.

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