The Bone Garden



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmFatale 5 / 10

Fun for F13 Fans - but Ugh, That Final Act

There's something strange going on in a lakeside town - grandmas are being murdered, nubile coeds are disappearing, Professor Hardy is skeezing on said coeds to the chagrin of his wife Alice, Alice's best friend Laurie is celebrating her divorce with a new Mustang convertible and sexing up all the young men she can find, and the Hardys have new neighbors but all Mr. And Mrs. Myers seem to do is argue. When Alice sees Mr. Myers dumping what looks like a body in the lake, she starts to suspect he may be behind the deaths and disappearances - but is it that simple?

Possible Spoilerish Paragraph: Of course it isn't, and that's the biggest problem with The Bone Garden. You know how sometimes filmmakers shoot three different endings for a movie to keep the killer a surprise? For some reason, The Bone Garden appears to have done that and then decided to just add them all into the third act. Up until that debacle, this is a fairly serviceable middle-aged slasher, which is an interesting twist on the formula. There's decent pacing and a strange mood that led me to think this might be a hidden gem, but the final act really kills any goodwill the first two thirds have generated.

The only real reason to watch The Bone Garden is for its various connections to the Friday the 13th franchise, with some nods to other genre films. Paul Kratka and Tracie Savage from Part 3 even star as the Hardys - and Alice Hardy's dog is named Jason. It was fun to spot the references, as names, shots, and entire lines of dialogue are lifted from those earlier films but without this extra layer, I doubt a casual viewer would find much to dig within The Bone Garden.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Good movie ruined by a laughable ending...

Well, for a thriller then this 2014 movie titled "The Bone Garden" wasn't actually all that bad. Wait, at least it wasn't all that bad right up until the last quarter of the movie, then everything just fell apart. And I have to say that the last quarter of the movie totally ruined everything that writer and director Mike Gutridge had managed to accomplish up to that point. And I will actually go as far as to saying that the change of events and what happened in that last quarter of the movie was definitely some of the worst I've seen in a movie in a long, long time.

The storyline told in "The Bone Garden" was actually fairly entertaining, and it had that whole 'who did it' vibe going on, and director Mike Gutridge actually managed to make a wholehearted and entertaining movie.

But then he shot himself in both feet with what he opted for in that dreadful and ghastly last quarter. That whole plot twist was just so outrageously bad that it totally killed off the movie. It was so bad that I think it will be imprinted into my memory for a long time to come.

The acting in the movie was adequate, though it was very clear that it wasn't award-winning material that you are in for here, when you sit down to watch the 2014 movie "The Bone Garden".

Ultimately, then "The Bone Garden" is not a movie that I would recommend you waste your time, money or effort on, especially not so with that abysmal last quarter of the movie.

My rating of "The Bone Garden" lands on a mere two out of ten stars. I would have rated it a five stars actually, but then that horrible last quarter rolled on to the screen and it just knocked the movie down so hard. Of course, I am not going to ruin it by revealing what happened, you'll just have to sit down and see for yourself - or actually, you better not.

Reviewed by hcampbell-70473 2 / 10

Tough to review

The Bone Garden is a tough film to review. On one hand, when looked at for pure cinematic value, it is dismal. It's a cheaper than cheap thriller that would make the Asylum give it a hard pass. A lot of the cast are known for their various roles in the Friday the 13th franchise and there is a reason none of them ever went any further and most have all but disappeared: they can't act. Add a completely abysmal script and kid-with-his -first-camera level directing and you have a film that no one should ever have to see. But then, on the other hand, this film is unintentionally hilarious in a way few films have been since The Room. The overacting, fhe laughable dialogue, the clueless directing and the halfway mark I was beginning to wonder if they were trying to be this bad. So, as an actual film this is a complete trash heap but as a midnight movie with a crowd that's in on the joke, it has a future.

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