The Bellboy


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 4135


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Jerry Lewis as Stanley / Jerry Lewis
Milton Berle as Milton Berle / Bellboy
Jack Kruschen as Jack E. Mulcher, President of Paramount Pictures
Joe E. Ross as Joey, Gangster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 7 / 10

72 minutes of of sight gags

Jerry Lewis's directorial debut is 72 minutes of sight gag after sight gag as Lewis plays a bellboy at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami. Despite the harassment of co-workers and bullying of managers, Lewis manages to get EVERY job thrown at him done in his own outrageous ways. He also plays two roles...the other being himself(!), in town for an engagement at the hotel. Lewis is priceless in both roles, pantomiming his bellboy role and playing it straight as himself. There are many highlights in the film, from Lewis making the long walk across an insanely large empty theater to dozens of hotel guests trying unlock their rooms with the wrong key. The supporting cast includes Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton and two actresses playing Mrs. Hartunga! Milton Berle has a very clever cameo.

Reviewed by robeykr 6 / 10

No Plot! Just Humor. ;)

No Plot -- The film starts with this proclamation. This film is definitely one of Jerry Lewis' best of his carrier. Filmed during the height of his movie output in the 1960's, this film is comedy unto its own sake. The gags just don't stop -- you aren't given a moment to relax, because it's all so funny, you can't stop laughing. The NO PLOT aspect only helps, as the audience is free to concentrate on the moment. I still burst into laughter when the hotel manager is called by the airport to inform him 'HE WHAT!?' Yes, this film is dated by today's standard, but that should come as no surprise. This film was the product of a different era -- and a different society. The change in our society was what made him decide to briefly retire from film in the '70s. The standards of humor just changed. And performers had to change with it. But film is permanent. It is set in celluloid. It can be re-edited, but what would be the point? For anyone who can appreciate 'the artist' for his art, this film still can be enjoyed. For anyone who can look at past films for nostalgia, this film can be enjoyed. It's called comedy -- 'nuff said.

Reviewed by calgal84 9 / 10

I admit it - I'm a Jerry Lewis fan

If you don't believe Jerry Lewis is a comic genius, you need to see this film. The humor. The cinematography. Everything is spot on. I know people have said there is no plot to this but watch it. There is. And it's sad and funny, as all good comedy truly is. Still one of my favorites. Watch the reactions of all the people around him. Watch how each scene is set up and framed. Jerry Lewis never saw the critical acclaim here in the US as he did in Europe but I believe he was way ahead of his time. Comedians like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, and even Jim Carrey owe a debt of gratitude for Jerry Lewis paving the way. I wish the younger generation would discover Jerry Lewis' movies, including this one, because I believe they would appreciate his humor and artistry. Check out this movie, The Nutty Professor, Cinderfella and the Errand Boy.

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