The Believer



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Billy Zane as Dr. Benedict
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bladeofzorro 6 / 10

More like an off beat thriller.

To say its a horror film is excessive as there is more tension and mystery than horror. Having said that Sophie Kargman does a really good job of being on the edge of deranged, although you're not quite sure.

I would say its more of a thriller with overtones. I think that we have become slightly insular to "horror" in films, so it needs to be really scary to be classed as a horror film.

I am not saying that some might find it horrific in places but I am sure that most won't. This doesn't detract from the off beat strangeness of the film as you are dragged along by the storyline.

Aiden Bristow works well as a believable character and you do feel for him and yet there is that nagging feeling in the back of your mind about him.

This is one of those films that if you don't watch it all you won't get it.

I found it very watchable and wasn't disappointed but I would have liked a little more depth to the plot.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

so what shall you say...

To a drunken sailor, early in the morning??? If you say im a believer youll get a stare of a goat flung in your face, and thats what i feel after struggling in the dark velvet of dark cinematography.

Imagine this happens today, its a couples relationship right on the edge of infinitum due to coronaisolation, the female part wont let the malepart leave the marriage because she thinks that loving you is a dirty job but somebodys got to do it, because love is in vain, and she declaims like robert palmer that shes addicted to love whatever and whenever. So to keep him under control the female drugs her very best friend to keep him at bait, at bait yes, convincing him that she has unbelievable strong evil forces under her wings, that will crush him every time he tries to break out to reach the realms of the male crisis center nearby...and so goes the riddle of this story.

Its really a psychopathetic cat and mouse doing the uncarted race through the roller coaster called love and empathy in a marriage thats become a frenzy of uneven domination, where the trix does the trick, and the doomed does the dirty work, because if the male doesnt do like his dominatrix says , she would awake his fear that she would die in his arms that night, with the message written all over the wall that if you cant hurt me i can hurt myself for you.

This was written by a delirious grumpy old man, demented by the films message, and doesnt know where to go or what to believe after watching. It has though a bloody end you may squirm yourself through insanitys 7 steps to is a psychedellicquasihorror on the bait, you will love it or just turn it of.

Productionwise its a well made film, the smallcast acts well, but its very crosslegged plotted till you feel the numbness of fatigue, and the story is like some of the most offbeat lyrics by bob dylan or the reality of a khardashian, so will i recommend a view???????????????

Reviewed by TheLegendOfThe42 5 / 10

I'm kinda torn about this

Have you ever been to the movie theater and liked the film, but some idiots in the audience kinda spoiled everything? Because THE BELIEVER is a bit like that.

In general, I'd say that the premise and the twist aren't bad at all, the execution is solid and the pacing is good - not bad for a low-budget flick like this. But there are aspects that do their best to spoil the whole thing.

First, there is Sophie Kargman. While she does an alright job at being annoying and creepy, her mumbling delivery constantly drags you out of the movie, trying to understand what she's actually saying. It doesn't help that they apparently had no sound engineer on set, since almost all the dialogue sounds like a camera mic through too much denoiser. Honestly, the denoising is so bad that it swallows whole syllables at times. The dialogue editors even made a very audible mistake in the online video of Billy Zane giving a talk. Pretty amateurish, to be honest.

Then, there are incredibly stupid lines like "Logic is the guardian of faith" and similar pseudo-philosophical deepities. Actually, the first ten minutes were full of irrational babbling like that, making me think about aborting prematurely. Yes, pun intended.

But no, I pulled through, and once the film picks up some speed, it fares pretty well. And even if the jump scares fell flat for the most part, I still thought that at least the third act was quite compelling.

All in all, THE BELIEVER is a bit of a slow burner with a lot of a lot of pointless and stupid gum flapping in the beginning. The distracting dialogue issues are hurting the film a lot, but if you are a patient and yearning lover of the supernatural, you might find some enjoyment here.

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