The Asadas


Drama / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by madbird-61243 7 / 10


This is a story about the growing up of a photographer. Loved by his elder brother and parents, male lead is free to follow his dream as a family photographer. He shoots picture for his family modelling after fireman, triad society..... His picture wins important award and he starts to shoot family photo as his career.

511 earthquake hit Japan. He went to the suffered area and begin his work to restore photo for the families. 80% of these photos went back to their owners.

He returned home to find his dad sick and has to be hospitalised. Instead of looking after his dad, he returned to the earthquake are continuing his job. Before his leaving, his mum slapped him for the first time for his carefree attitude,but ultimately let him go.

He finished his job in earthquake area and returned, finding that his dad is lying on the death bed at home.....

Overall a movie with heart on a real life person. Reflecting the present attitude and life of young people who are carefree and self centred. But the movie look at this new way of living objectively without any negative view. But as a mother of a young lad, I do hope that youngsters to take care of the elderly while persuing their own goal.

At times the movie may be a little boring, but still a picture worthwhile to watch on thw whole.

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