The Art of War II: Betrayal


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 3625

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Lochlyn Munro as Garret
Olivia Cheng as Geena
Athena Karkanis as Heather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by homecoming8 3 / 10

Wesley Snipes Means No Budget These Days...

Wesley Snipes is to this day still a qualified action-star, movies like Passenger 57, Murder at 1600 and the Blade Trilogy made him great. The Art Of War was also a decent action-flick which co-starred Michael Biehn(Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss). On the action-level, it certainly delivered with a great twist at the end (and some good action as well).

Art of War II co-stars Lochlyn Munroe, a comedy actor who has had some excellent roles in "Dead Man On Campus" and "Scary Movie". The story has nothing to do with the original, so it was purely a marketing-trick. Think of this as Snipes' former direct-to-DVD movies (Steven Seagal has some of these too) so the budget is limited, just like the acting, the story and so on. Like Seagal, Snipes is also years away from his glory-days. And you can tell.. A dull story, bad camera-work, lame characters and so on.

You can skip this one, even if you love action-films. I still haven't seen The Marksman with Wesley Snipes, but judging by this painful mess, I am not going to bother. Watch Passenger 57 once again instead..

Reviewed by p-stepien 5 / 10

C'mon... it is entertaining!

It ain't no masterpiece or even great action flick, but all in all this is a Wesley Snipes bad-to-da-bone thriller roller-coaster with a couple of interesting twists. In the end a satisfying experience.

Wesley Snipes returns as Neil Shaw, now an ex-special operative, who earns his dough by consulting Hollywood action flicks. The money is good and leaves enough time to hone the body and martial arts skills. The good life ends, when Shaw receives word of Mom, cross-dresser, special op, mentor and teacher, being killed in a freak robbery. But was this really an accident? Shaw teams up with Melina Cruz, the out-of-marriage daughter of Mom. The plot thickens, when his friend and employer Garret, an actor with his sights on the US Senate, is subject to a botched assassination attempt.

Yes. It has flaws, especially the overusing of the shaky cam, but hell... so does 90% of movies nowadays. Also SFX are a bit iffy, but that shouldn't lower the satisfaction from watching the flick. Definitely on a lower level than the original, but all in all I did feel entertained and don't really feel the need to nitpick. Wesley Snipes stays fit and is appealing to watch, no matter how appalling the said role. This one however wasn't even half-bad and Snipes carries the movie decently. Forgettable, passable, but in the end not a total waste of time, if you want to chill.

That said I did watch this one straight after "Brutal" (2007), which makes it seem a masterpiece in comparison.

Reviewed by harshalizee 2 / 10

Even if you are a hardcore Wesley Snipes fan...I suggest caution

Wesley Snipes' movies aren't exactly groundbreaking material, but the first Art Of War was a pretty good action movie even if it was a bit generic.

The new Art of War movie is a total disaster. I don't even know where to start. The plot is thin and incoherent at best. Both the direction and camera angles are amateurish or even worse. The entire cast was at best platonic.Some scenes are shot so badly, you wonder whether it was directed or just some homemade video slapped into the movie. Also, the makers did a pathetic job of trying to pass off Canada as L.A.

The only 'good' thing about this movie is that you might end up laughing uncontrollably at their miserable attempt at making a movie.

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