The Ape

2009 [SWEDISH]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6 10 1527

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Olle Sarri as Krister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joelstennabbcaesar 9 / 10

Nervous breakdown

I put on this movie without having read a single word about it, something that helped elevate "Apan" over almost everything I've seen so far this year. I never saw Jesper Ganslandts debut "Farväl Falkenberg" either, so I did not know anything about this up and coming swedes intentions with getting in to the movie business until yesterday. What he has accomplished with "Apan" is capturing the main character Kristers, Played by Swedish actor Olle Sarri, total nervous breakdown. You can feel the tone set by Ganslandt from the very first frame, and that's only the start of a descent towards the absolute darkest depths of the mind acted out with perfection by Olle Sarri.

If I were to compare what I experienced with this film to something else, the closest work would be Gaspar Noés "Enter The Void", in how the audience gets forced in to a character by means of filming and lack of added sounds and music. 20 minutes in, I felt the emotions portrayed by Olle Sarri, and how his decisions actually mattered to me. You become the broken individual on screen.

If you are interested in seeing a fantastically well perceived narrative of a broken mans broken life, this is for you. If you are susceptible to this kind of film, you will feel as empty and broken as the subject of this portrayal when you're done.

Reviewed by stensson 8 / 10

Some things to remember

There are movies you will remember through your whole life, almost every second of them. These films aren't always good, not if you ask your tasteful experienced mind. But you can't get them out of your head.

This is such a movie. It's about a very disturbed man. Probably he has done something terrible, but you can't be altogether sure. This is not about the action which has been and is to come, it's about a state of mind.

Olle Sarri is absolutely splendid and I haven't seen such a performance in a Swedish movie for quite long. He doesn't make you feel good and the film has absolutely no intention to do that for you. But you can anyway don't get it out of your head.

Reviewed by sarp-sozdinler 8 / 10

Heavy influence of Haneke cinema on suppressed personality

There's always a recurring theme we witness in Haneke's films; life is brutal...

...and time to time, too painful to bear.

No need to be a careful eye; director Jesper Ganslandt is a follower of Haneke cinematography, which is based on solid psychoanalysis of both borderline human nature and structure of society with a complicated resolution of history. This what Ganslandt does in this film.

Krister is a man we see and pass by on the street in our everyday lives and also can be easily mixed with who we really are. An ordinary family man with a decent job and has what we call it a normal life. But, mostly, it's not what it seems above the surface. At the beginning of the movie, he wakes up in the middle of his own toilet with blood all over his clothes and place. Then we see him take off, do his everyday routine and go back home at the end of the day. And this is when we get it; the reason behind the blood on his clothes is a murder he has committed a night before. The murder of his wife and a plus. An attempted murder on his own kid.

From this part of the film we see Krister dealing with his own personality, which comes down to characteristic resolution that consists on his own past and how he perceived the term family, how he's been treated by his own parents, especially the mother. The mother is always the key, as in our lives as well, she forms a perfect picture of Oedipus. As a man who can only communicate with people through his headphone and not in person, Krister isn't a successful example of out-of-closet personality, and having a hard time to integrate it with his life as he's known it thus far, and eventually, end up in destroying his own family which is pointing out destroying his own past, and especially, again, the mother.

I think what makes this film stunning is that the amount of moments we see ourselves in Krister. Krister is who we are and who we are completes the character Krister wee witness in this movie. He can be any of us, if we consist on the theory of that most of us are homosexuals subliminally. This is a story of not being. Of not being yourself, not taking your sexual identity in your hands as you like...

...Of not being who you really are.

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