The Anthem of the Heart


Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 4478

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ahmedel-basoumi 8 / 10

The male mc is the proplem

Like my guy why did u reject her bro that ain't cool bruh.

Reviewed by rivracost 8 / 10

Heartbreaking film about overcoming inner pain and moving forward

I found the film very moving and very beautiful.

The film beautifully displays the hardships of an adolescence in a broken family. The pain and blame that comes with divorce can be devastating. Throughout the movie the main character learns to cope with her trauma and grow as a person.

It was very sweet and very creative. The animation is beautiful and the movie overall has a fairy tale-like quality although the story is a slice of life anime genre.

The power of words and song ring through the movie.I enjoyed it very much.

(Although I wrote that this review contains spoilers I tried to keep them to the absolute minimum so that it doesn't give anything away).

Reviewed by magsirover 9 / 10

a taste of spicy sweet twist

When I first saw the title, I have to admit that I had no expectations. Simply because I couldn't read Japanese. However, as a film- enthusiast I'm always the type who would want to venture and explore new films. At the moment, I don't have anything to compare this movie at all. It isn't because I haven't watched enough but rather because its the first kind of animation or story line that I've encountered to be told in such a way. I mean, despite the fairy-tale type introduction. The vibe of the story having a hint of psychological approach was there. Yet, it did not sound or feel grim at all. It felt realistic and true. While others may protest that there are no bad parents, I want to state that there really are. No one is perfect, and Parents are not an exception. There are people, heartless enough to blame there kids for their own faults.

As a fan of Makoto Shinkai films, I am pleased to find another film maker and storyteller to root for from this point onward.

I love the twist of the ending as well. If you don't pay attention of the story and feel like over running the movie with what you perceive you'd definitely miss out the biggest surprise of all. I say big because normally lead characters would often fall for each other. However, in this story. Both don't get their happy endings yet, there is that welcome resolve where you can root for them further. I'm rating this 9 because, I wish to see more. Then again, if I could be more true. It would be a perfect 10. Amazing use of classical music and play script.

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