The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend


Action / Family

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 231

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hammer-Rocks 4 / 10

Wasted Potential

The movie had lots of promise but was undelivered. The cheap sets and substandard acting, let the movie down. Plus the more you get to know A.R.I., the more unrealistic he becomes - not that an AI robot with child like qualities is realistic to begin with.

Having said that, the design of A.R.I. is surprisingly nicely done. Very likeable character with a suitable voice to suit. But from time to time the CGI is made obvious compared to the quality of the background. Or rather the overlapping of the CGI over real images does not match well.

There is some style-ist violence, so parental guidance is recommended for viewing for the much younger audiences.

Reviewed by westsideschl 3 / 10

Dumbing Down of American Viewers

Within 30 seconds it reeked of cheap. First, the dialogue was the most juvenile of pretend science, and would easily fail middle school science. Second, overused effects found in all cheap sci movies such as large electrical (lightning wannabes) discharges to create a cheap wow effect. Third, the usual evil/bad corporate head out to create a weaponized robot - so non-creatively & overused a plot hook it's embarrassing. Fourth, the usual teen nerds (lately to be gender neutral in movies there's a female co-nerd; the only thing missing was a minority representation). Fifth, also done many times before is the search for the "lost" robot creator. Saving grace an extra star for the puppy cute robot.

Reviewed by gomerlives 8 / 10

Fun Movie

This was a well done movie for children and adults. The robot seemed very realistic and it was a cute story of how a young boy saved it from destruction. I liked it. It reminded me a bit of The Flight of the Navigator.

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