That Funny Feeling


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 822


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Marianna Hill as Kitty
Zeme North as Norma - Secretary
Sandra Dee as Joan Howell
Kathleen Freeman as Woman at Phone Booth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angelsunchained 10 / 10

A Fun Time

That Funny Feeling is a delightful, up-beat, cute, funny, and entertaining film. Out-dated for sure, but the movie captures a more innocent time(the early 1960s), when getting a kiss was a big deal. Sandra Dee is at her most beautiful. She was so lovely, so attractive; this role was meant for her. She gives a great performance. Bobby Darren sings the opening song and gives an equally great performance. You can see the sparks fly between these two "real-life" love-birds. Any fan of Sandra or Bobby will enjoy this light-hearted romantic tale.

This is a great movie to watch on a rainy night with someone you are romantically involved with.

Reviewed by Noirdame79 9 / 10

"That Funny Feeling" Will Get You Every Time

I don't for the life of me understand why critics have been so negative toward this film. It is a jewel of a movie, a romantic comedy that succeeds in both areas.

This was the last film that the late former married couple, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin made together, and it is one of their best.

Joan Howell (Dee, adorable as always) is a struggling actress who works as a maid-for-hire. Tom Milford (Darin, handsome and charming)is a playboy business man. They seem to have little in common, except for the fact that Joan cleans his apartment (of which they are both unaware). After several run-ins (literally) the pair decide to go on a date. Humilated at the thought of taking him back to her cramped apartment which she shares with her wisecracking roommate, Audrey (the hilarious Nita Talbot), she decides to pretend that the apartment she is cleaning is her place, but what she doesn't realize is that it is Tom's apartment!!! Things escalate from there as a bewildered Tom goes along with her, all the while driving his poor harassed boss Harvey Granson (the one and only Donald O'Connor)insane, as he desperately wants to retrieve his priceless (but ugly) paintings from Tom's home. Of course, Joan discovers his deception and wants to get even, although she has fallen in love with him, and he has fallen in love with her. Wonderfully comedic complications and consequences take place.

Larry Storch is priceless as Joan and Audrey's scrappy neighbor Luther, and Leo G. Carroll has a nice role as the owner of a pawnshop. James Westerfield nearly steals the show as a cop that Tom continually runs into, Robert Strauss and Ben Lessy are hysterical as two middle-aged bartenders with very vast imaginations, and Reta Shaw has a funny little bit as a miffed old lady.

All in all, irresistible romantic fun!!! The title tune alone (written and performed by Darin) is in a class all by itself. Tons of fun.

Reviewed by tarryersceltic 9 / 10

enjoyable escape to the '60's!

"That Funny Feeling" doesn't by any means test the acting capabilities of Darin, or the glamour of Dee, but it is nonetheless a delightful, funny, and even colorful, film. As a bemused and confused victim of "Joan"'s bizarre method of dealing with an unacceptable home address. There are some great visuals, Darin climbing out of the upstairs window to avoid a confrontation in his own apartment with "Joan", the phone booth scene, the moment when he gets in the cab and in answer to the question, "where to?" simply says, "I don't know." Darin and co-star Sandra Dee look great together - no wonder that happened! And it is always fun to see Donald O'Connor too. I'd have loved to hear more songs from Darin, but the plot just didn't call for them. The title song is a very catchy, though. It is a movie that takes me back to what was best in the '60's - innocent fun and romance with humor and charm.

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