Ten Billion



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by info-19352 9 / 10

I wish I was never born. So that my child was never born. Therefore "Ten Billion -2"

I highly recommend this movie to every soul on Earth. We don't know why we are here. We can at least know where we are heading. However the film did not mention one major cause of the human condition. That is the printing of money. Behind that is greed. Everything follows.

The past cannot be changed. Everyone agrees to that. No Dispute. Here comes the difficult one. The future is also set in stone and cannot be changed. There is no parallel universe or heaven awaiting for us. We are the problem. We are going to die because of what we did. There is no exit. The ending is fixed.

The solution to the "Ten Billion" problem is simple. "Ten Billion -1", and just repeat it many times. This can be achieved by not giving birth to more people who will find no food in the future. Can we do that? Simple solution doesn't mean easy. Stephen Emmott tries to tell us what he sees in the future because there is no alternative future.

Reviewed by wd-8 10 / 10

You and your descendants are going to die

The Chief Scientist of Microsoft and his team spent years on this research. Republican Oil Men will try to claim that it's baloney. It's not.

The simple fact is, like China, the current 7.5 Billion of us (Feb 2017) all want the middle- class lifestyle or better. Earth simply does not have enough agricultural land to do this, and we are poisoning and mining the seas at breakneck speed.

Global warming will produce a net loss in arable land, especially in poor countries.

Every single hamburger takes over 600 gallons of water to produce.

Greed is driving the few of us into Ever More false wealth. GREED is a contagious MENTAL ILLNESS. It's why people with a million times as much money as the poor still feel they don't have enough.

Even with totally free energy, and miracle "test tube" food, we simply cannot sustain 9 billion people by 2025. The systems will start to crash, and the rich (think) they will have super- walled communities and private armies to ride out the crash. But this is an illusion.

No man is an island. In a hundred years, all of your descendants will be dead.

But there's a happy ending! ... Once man is mostly gone, nature will heal the planet, and in a few thousand years, it will be mostly healthy again, just missing most of the higher life forms.

Reviewed by snout4life 5 / 10

Heavily one-sided inaccurate effort at tackling an important topic

Hi all, I saw this documentary at a screening in London followed by a panel discussion w/ Stephen Emmott, the narrator/host of the documentary.

Climate change is an important topic, and I am a huge fan of documentaries that tackle controversial topics in an objective fashion with open discourse.

This film, however, focused almost entirely on one side, that is - that humans are changing the Earths climate and that we are doomed...and there is nothing we can do about it. Not only do I heavily disagree with such a one-sided approach, but many of the statistics used in the film are skewed if not completely ludicrous. On top of that, Stephen is highly selective on showing elements that support his position, but completely omits viable alternatives/and or actual solutions that are currently being implemented or on the horizon.

I vehemently dislike biased and manipulative documentaries, and while I have seen far worse than this one - it goes without saying that this film does 'not' do the important debate around Climate Change any justice.

Watch it if you enjoy nitpicking holes out of a narrative :).


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