Tall Men


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 469

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by religioneliminator 4 / 10

Long, painful, and nothing happens

What a waste of time. I watch B movies, even C movies but this should get a "Z" for zero. The main actor is very good but the movie lacks content, action, dialogue, it's like watching one of those teen log on Facebook or YouTube. Someone THOUGHT this would be interesting, it is a sleeper. I had to convince myself to stay awake that something should happen, but nope, nothing much.

If you like to watch teens do nothing and have no life, this is a movie for you, otherwise stay away, you will want to destroy your TV!

Once again the main actor is great, if he is not mentally challenged then he is a very good actor.

Some people might "get" this movie, well I did NOT! I got the twist but I mean I don't get the waste of time and money to create such a flick that could have been a short on any channel.

Reviewed by Mikelikesnotlikes 6 / 10

Sustained hypnotic weirdness

TALL MEN is strange and atmospheric from start to finish. It is extremely well produced and show-cases just what can be done on a tight budget.

You don't notice the budgetary constraints as the film tightly focuses on what a strange and timid creature Terence is. His disturbing mannerisms fixate us as we anxiously anticipate the next unusual visual and wonder if Terence's problems are real or all in his head. The constant background tones are very unnerving and supposedly this is an irritant schizophrenics must deal with every day.

They certainly could have ended the film without the last 5 minutes but people seem to demand some sort of closure. Either that or the writer despises people who don't pay their debts and was determined to hammer this hate home. If so, the punishments don't fit the 'crime'.

TALL MEN isn't for everyone. Especially not a horror traditionalist. I thought it was worth more than 5 stars though.

Reviewed by aldiboronti 7 / 10

Horror with a difference

A young boy invites his friend, a girl, over to his house. His mother smilingly watches them going upstairs but when they are out of sight the smile disappears and her face becomes troubled. Something happens, although we're not told what. Flash forward to when the boy is a young man, living in the same house. His mother has died and he lives there alone. Or so it would seem. We see him seated at a table. Behind him on the wall is a very strange picture, the strangeness of which alerts us that something is very wrong in this house.

First let me say that I enjoyed the film. Some might think it boring but if you just let the weirdness envelop you it becomes, as another reviewer said, hypnotic.

It's obvious the director has been heavily influenced by early David Lynch, the whole movie recycles Eraserhead right down to the same sort of background music. Clearly the Lynchian genius is missing but if you enjoy Lynch I think you'll enjoy this.

A director to watch.

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