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Pierce Brosnan as Taffin
Alison Doody as Charlotte
Patrick Bergin as Mo Taffin
Frank Kelly as Liam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JoshuaEight 6 / 10

This film is great for a retro look at Ireland in the eighties

I first saw this film in 1989 and I now have it on DVD. I know it can come across as a little silly, or low budget, but what the heck. To me its getting better with age. Also, living in Ireland, it looks like an audition for one of our top soaps. Many characters in this film now appear in Fair City, or at least have appeared in Fair City. Barry, the ex-principle in Fair City, has hair in this film. Also, Brosnan's clothes are cool here and could be easily worn in a movie made today and still be stylish!

Try to look out for the parts, where it seems Brosnan's voice has been dubbed by someone else...and just one scene of bad acting...'well maybe you should go then'.

If you get a chance, try to see it and don't take it too seriously...enjoy!

Reviewed by panthablack 6 / 10


Just finished watching this film and I don't know why everyone seems to dislike it.

This movie came out in 1988, so give it a break. It doesn't advertise itself as a mind-blowing, avant-garde masterpiece. It's a simple action thriller set in Ireland and it certainly satisfies those credentials.

Aside from some typically 80's gratuitous sex/violence moments (of which I have seen far worse from the genre) the film flowed fairly well and kept me entertained throughout.

The characters were fairly believable if you have lived anywhere on the British Isles and the locations are well chosen.

If you want to watch a movie to just kick back and pass some time, then this one will do the trick.

Reviewed by Thorsten-Krings 8 / 10

well made entertainment

I really liked this film. It's basicaly the idea of transporting a fifties B-western into 80s Ireland and from my poinbt of view it works fine. Imagine the storyline of a Budd Butticher b-western: hero of shady provenance, yet an interesting character, ruthless but good at heart takes on gang who terrorises small town. Don't expect twisted story lines here, it's straight forward. The story is well told, the characters are all quite interesting and it's really well executed particularly when the townsfolk suddenly decide they've had enough of Taffin. It's also well made in terms of character development; Taffin is a slacker and finally has to find his own way. And of course there is the lovely Alison Doodey.

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