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Reviewed by edwagreen 8 / 10


What makes this so exciting is the array of possible guys who might be the stalker and killer.

What was the author of this thinking regarding having the father shot dead during a carjack attempt? This really did not play into the movie.

A girl reluctantly joins a dating service called Swipe on the strong advice of her sister and of course gets more than she bargained for.

With the exception of one guy who was decent and winds up a murder victim, we saw some sleazy guys here ready to spike drinks and all other sorts of nonsense.

The film just shows you that you never know who the real guilty party is. An ironic result of the story was to get the mother, mentally housebound since the death of her husband, out and around. By the way, who killed dad? I thought that this might have been linked in the story of the stalker.

Reviewed by Stephen_A_Abell 7 / 10

A Reasonable Tech-Age TV Mystery Thriller

This is a well thought out tech based mystery thriller. Anna, played by Anna Hutchison, is a loner with very little social life and no lover. Her sister Sasha, portrayed by Karissa Lee Staples, repeatedly tells her this isn't good for her, so one night she creates a "Swipe" profile for her. Swipe is an app that shares your profile with other users with the intention of meeting up. If you like a certain user you swipe right and if they do the same then when you are in each other's vicinity you both get a message saying they're close. Unfortunately for Anna, it's an ideal tool for a stalker to strike fear into their prey.

What makes this so good is the realness of the story. You could quite easily see something like this happening. Add in numerous swipes and your victim list keeps growing. How can we be really sure that the profile and the picture you see is for a real person and not a created persona? Just think Ted Bundy for the Tech-Age.

Writers Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield do a great job of showing the dangers of this kind of communication and contact. They bring through a plethora of men, all of which are different, some are sexual predators, some are persistent to the point of bullying, and some are okay. But which is stalking Anna? There are twists upon twists as her investigation and the police's starts ruling out suspects.

Director Mathew Leutwyler uses these twists and turns as well as the apps distance notification to create a tense atmosphere. However, I believe the movie could have been stronger had the pace been more varied and some better camera-work, something other than the straightforward point shoot and pan.

Though Anna Hutchison is the lead and is very good in the role it's Karissa Lee Staples who is the strongest actress in the movie and had a wider range of emotion and skills. Unfortunately, the lower you get in the cast the worse the acting gets. It's not a bad thing to do when working on a budget and the worst is only on for a few minutes or seconds, though if you remember them as I did, it only leads to weakening the film.

On the whole, this is a respectable and watchable movie. If you enjoy mysteries then this will be right up your street. If you're looking for an intriguing and interesting movie to watch then you might want to consider this one.

Reviewed by Desertman84 5 / 10

Dangers That Technology Present In Today's World

After watching three "The Wrong _____" Lifetime TV movie namely "The Wrong Roommate","The Wrong Girl" and the premiere of "The Wrong Student" on the Lifetime TV channel during the weekend,I saw another of its type on the internet.The "The Wrong _____" Lifetime TV movie that stars Blake Berris, Anna Hutchison, Kevin Joy and former The Love Boat mainstay Jill Whelan is entitled "The Wrong Swipe".It was shown last year that premiered during Valentine's Day at the Lifetime Channel.

The story centers on Anna,an uptight Law Student,who probably has never had time for both dating and a relationship as she spends most of her time studying.Other characters involves her sister Sasha and her sister's boyfriend Matt.Sasha is worried about her sister spending so much time with Law School and thinks that she needs to go out on dates and possibly get laid once in a while.One day,Sasha downloaded a dating app on Anna's cell phone called "Swipe".After a few hours the app was installed,Anna started going out on dates with different men.

Then, the common story lines of "The Wrong ____"-type movies starts coming into play wherein one of the men who wants to date wants her badly and becomes a villain that starts to wreck her life by instilling fear and terror as he can no longer contain his obsession for her.The viewer is allowed to guess who this date/villain is among the numerous dates of Anna and by presenting a bad experience with each one of them.But being a Lifetime TV movie it definitely identifies the villain to be the least likely guilty person and how the sister tandem of Anna and Sasha overcome him on their own without the help of the police (as always).

No question that this is your typical Lifetime movie and it is of the same type of "The Wrong ____" movies.It definitely touches the dangers of online dating as well as the negative effect of technology in today's society.Too bad that it blames technology more rather than people's decline in terms of morality at present.Added to that,the unusual villain provides fun and entertainment as the viewer would least likely have guessed him as the villain at all. Anyone who enjoys Lifetime TV movies especially "The Wrong _____" will find joy in it.

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