Sweet & Sour

2021 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 233


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yulparty 5 / 10

...What did I watch?


I have many problems with this film. But I will start with the positives. The acting is pretty decent and the writing is not bad but could be improved. I like the humble start to this film. But there are many, many problems. The TWIST to this film is very forced and surprisingly bad! I felt like the writers and director were going to make a simple, cliche type of romance comedy film. But when they didn't know how to end the film..

They just rewrote the whole film so that the twist could work. I liked how the start of the film was going. It was not amazing the was done well. But the third act really made this whole film tumble down. The twist is very confusing and because of how the film is set up to be.

Also some characters are left out that were great in my opinion. Like the parents, they were great side characters! This film leaves you feeling very empty and doesn't really establish a good moral. Overall I do not recommend this film unless you are REALLY bored and have nothing to do. This film represents a good start, but a bad ending.

Reviewed by karolinecelis 6 / 10

This film exposes the toxicity of work and impact has on relationships

I haven't watched the full movie yet, and only watched parts of the movie, so I'll re watch the movie due to the toxic things it sheds light on, and what needs to be fixed. The positives of this movie is that it's bringing issues we humans have in the real world, which perfectly matches which we're dealing with is labor, expectations, and impacts it has on relationships with anyone not just romantic, it includes family, and friends.

What I didn't seen coming is the couple bashing at each other. Because both of them needed rest and vacation from work, and rest for real. I've watched some films or shows where the author of the original story, characters, and ideas exposes the toxicity of work, and the impacts it has on us humans psychologically, and spiritually.

The reason I gave a six which could be relationships are not perfect, and there will be some challenges, and struggles ahead of them, still there will be positives. Instead of blaming each other the character could understand each other, and clear up any misunderstandings. Plus, misconceptions in relationships brings more pain, so the characters shouldn't make things difficult as it seems, and fix their mistakes, or move on already.

Overall, this is not a bad film it's average and the characters needs to spend quality time together, and find a job without toxic manager, or boss who is not an ass.

Reviewed by AJ_McAninch 7 / 10


Love the cast. The writing could have been better, but I thought the "twist" is actually quite clever and appropriate to the plot and its theme.

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