Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Sally Field as Daisy Morgan
Michael Caine as Sean Stein
Peter Boyle as Jay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10

Sally Field works hard, but this script is beneath her...

Sally Field has such a rapport with the camera that movie audiences immediately relate to her highs and woes; it's gratifying to see her in a sunny, upbeat comedy, and one almost wants to let "Surrender" pass just on the basis on Field's energy and charisma alone. Alas, it's a film built on such an overworked premise--love and money--that goes off into so many perplexing directions, it results in being one of Sally's weakest movie vehicles. Michael Caine does what he can with silly role of wealthy writer taken to the cleaners by women over the years, meeting assembly-line artist Field and pretending to be poor (but of course, she's the one pure lady who wouldn't care if he had money or not). There are some interesting bits in the film: a date to the airport--to watch the planes fly overhead--is curious and amusing (and looks good on film) and the embarrassing way in which the two lovers meet. But not enough wit was put into the basic make-up of the story, which plays like something from the Doris Day-Rock Hudson generation. That's OK if the picture has the wit and snap of "Lover Come Back", but "Surrender" is terribly insecure and unsure of itself. ** from ****

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Very mild.

Michael Caine is always worth watching, and Sally Field is at her most attractive here, but this romantic comedy is just very mild and weightless (and I mean it in a negative way). It's occasionally enjoyable, though.

Reviewed by malcotoro 9 / 10

Very funny, very uplifting

I love this movie, it's very funny and uplifting. Play it if you are in a mood you want to escape. Indeed there are some belly laughs (on my part) Both Michael and Sally do a great job, and Steve Gutenberg is hilarious as a selfish whiny guy. He snaps his fingers when he is on the phone, he wants a pen, he wants a piece of paper. In the shower, he wants to know where his towel is... Michael is a successful writer taken to the cleaners in Court by 2 ex wives, and he is really looking for a girl to love him for himself, and not know about his writing fame and fortune. 2 elevators are open for him to use, one with a stunning blonde inside, the other with an evil guy and his snarling and vicious looking dog. He ignores the blonde and steps inside joining the man with the snarling dog I really should give it a 10...Highly recommended

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