Summer Holiday


Action / Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1444


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Jeremy Bulloch as Edwin
Ron Moody as Orlando
Lauri Peters as Barbara
Una Stubbs as Sandy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul-johnson107 7 / 10

Great film

Cliff is a great singer, always has been always will. When i first heard from my Nan that he made movies in the sixties i didn't know what to think, but now that i have seen it, WOW! Cliff is surrounded by great talent and great people. Melvyn Hayes as Cyril, Teddy Green as Steve and of course Una Stubbs as sandy, what a great cast.

Cliff always comes out on top and he certainly did with this one as it was a box office smash in 1963. Good on them. Many people do not like cliff as a singer and say oh my god not in films as well but how many of them have watched Summer Holiday over the years and how many of those people saw it as a kid, it annoys me that Cliff is criticised over many things, such as he isn't married so he must be gay!, it is a better lifestyle for Cliff as he hasn't got a family to think about, he can go on tour and has no ties.

Summer Holiday is a great musical comedy family movie, i love it and i know many other people do too.

Reviewed by LeAnne Wong 10 / 10

One of the Cliff Richard gems!

This movie is one of those enchanting old movies, filmed when musicals were a rage in Hollywood. Sir Cliff Richard totally wows the audience with his immense onscreen charisma as well as his smooth dance moves.

This well-cast movie also has Cliff Richard singing the theme song, albeit a cheery one aptly named "Summer Holiday". Great entertainment and very fun to watch. Gimme Cliff over Travolta anytime!

Reviewed by ed-1573 8 / 10

The holiday we all dream about.

A follow up of sorts to "The Young Ones", this time Cliff is a London bus driver who manages to convince the company to lend him and his mates a bus so they can cruise around Europe. A likeable cast with some great music, while the plot hardly matters it involves the boys picking up some girls, one of whom is a runaway.

Fabulous scenery and great fun on the sort of holiday everyone should have at 19.

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