Su ren te gong

2019 [CHINESE]


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Milla Jovovich as Bruce
Talu Wang as Zhao Feng
Kwok-Kwan Chan as (as Kwok-Kwan Chan)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jiayangsum 1 / 10


I have to purposely login just to give it a low vote 1 for the effort.

IT IS BADDDDD. It Motivates me to give it a 1.

It's not Bad enough to be Good. And not even good enough, it's bad even though with decent budget it clearly have.

Lazy Scripting is plain Bad when they try to be funny it's not really funny, when it's serious the feeling is just not there, it just doesn't fit together well.' The Asian actors is bad really bad. Lots of improvements needed.

Bad character developments. For one example, the main character is a risk taker & do extreme sports like parkour, but he's like physically impaired & shame himself multiple time. Inconsistent given logic, when you give a show a bad logic at least make it consistent.

Reviewed by volvorod-92131 1 / 10

Nothing but a paycheck in Milla Jovovich's pocket.

I REALLY like Milla Jovovich and her performance in almost ALL of the movies she is part of. I LOVE the Resident Evil-movies! Those movies has Milla AND zombies. What else do a horror-loving person need..? THIS movie is (obviously) an exception. The trailer almost ONLY shows Milla - but she is only a VERY small part of this movie. This movie is only another example of hiring a well-known actor to act a couple of minutes to promote a mediocre movie. She's barely present in this movie. The only advice i can give you is - avoid.

Reviewed by Movie-Misfit 7 / 10

Mental Fun But Totally Daft!!

The Rookies is an action film from China that can best be described as a live action cartoon that most definitely should not be taken seriously!

Leading man, the gorgeous Talu, is an extreme sports nut who hilariously gets involved with a secret organisation who soon invite him to be a part of their team.

Reluctantly agreeing (until the money piles up) Talu sets off thinking he is the new James Bond and meets his team mates in Europe. Their main mission of course is to stop the bad guy who has a chemical weapon that turns everyone into plants...

And that isn't even the daftest part!

I can understand why most viewers would see The Rookies as a bad movie, but it's hard not to laugh the whole way through it - and a lot of those times, genuinely. It's also hard not to be entertained as director Alan Yuen rams as much visuals, insane stunts, fight action and madness into every scene!

In fact, if this had been made during Hong Kong's golden age of cinema, it would be regarded as one to watch...

Hollywood A-lister Milla plays the stone faced leader of the secret organisation, and while she doesn't bring anything overly exciting to the show, does her best Bridget Neilson impression with a few action scenes on her behalf.

I rate all my films by their entertainment value and The Rookies certainly entertains. Just switch off your brain before it starts and enjoy the ride...

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