Stop Making Sense


Action / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 98%
IMDb Rating 8.6 10 13591

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David Byrne as Vocals and Guitar
Bernie Worrell as Keyboards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nolesce 10 / 10

Incredible film

I saw this movie when it was released. In our town (Sarasota, Florida then) it was a midnight movie in the theater next to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. I played in a band at the time and was a fan of the Talking Heads so I was stoked to see the film. A band-mate and I went opening night and were blown away. People were dancing in the aisles by about the third song. We went back the next night and several nights there after with our girlfriends and others and had a blast. Our friends weren't particularly fans of the talking heads but they loved the movie. Most of us though the first time through just watched in awe. and when you left after just watching it and absorbing it you were speechless (ar at best unintelligible) for about 20 minutes after. It truly was that kind of film. As said elsewhere after seeing it you wonder why no other concert films have even attempted to emulate "Stop Making Sense". I suppose they figured they would just look lame or they just didn't get it.(or maybe some of both). If you don't want to buy it at least rent it (then you WILL want to buy it). This is the concert film all the others want to be when they grow up.

Reviewed by rdoyle29 9 / 10

Really does deserve the praise it gets

I saw this in the theatre back in 1984 and remember liking it. I like the Talking Heads and think this was made during the peak of their career. I like Demme and think this was made during the peak of his career. Still, I kind of suspected that if I watched it again I would think that the adulation this film garners is a bit overblown. No, I was wrong. This really is the work of a a band and a director at the peak of their powers and meshing completely.

Reviewed by framptonhollis 10 / 10

brilliant concert doc

Featuring one of the most creative and talented bands of (arguably) all time, and directed by one of the most creative and talented filmmakers of (arguably) all time comes an exciting and energetic concert film that is bound to make you want to get up and dance!

David Byrne shows off his skills for energetic motion all throughout this film, running around the stage, doing swift twitching motions, dancing with all of his might, and every now and then pulling off some spectacular slapstick comedy that feels as if its right out of a Buster Keaton movie! The energy and movement captured all throughout this film is part of what makes it so great. Watching Talking Heads perform live is not quite like watching any other band perform live. Their style is practically begging to be recorded on film and watched on a big screen with a quality sound system. Watching and hearing this band is a breathtaking and entertaining ride, and it is only made better by Jonathan Demme's excellent and at times experimental filmmaking. Its a visually beautiful and stunning piece of art that is among the absolute greatest of its kind.

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