Still the Water


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 40

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmacd-3 6 / 10

PEI is beautifully featured in this drama

This is a gorgeous movie, and the PEI locations create wonderful atmosphere, and it's worth watching just for this. The cast give worthy performances, too.

The soundtrack is solid too, although I found the use of songs somewhat distracting - I am not sure if it's because the lyrics were taking me out of the moment, or if the tempos didn't jive with what my brain was expecting. It may highlight an underlying concern with the structure of the film.

I enjoyed watching this, so I don't want this criticism to come off too harshly. There is a big story here with lots of backstory, and a bunch of characters that are important in it - so there are lots of ways this story could be told, and from a variety of perspectives. But the way this story is structured didn't help my empathize with the characters perhaps as much as it should have, as I felt oddly detached from everyone in the family right up to the conclusion.

The scenario is setup quickly for us, and very early on the family is reunited. We quickly learn that something in their past has driven a wedge between them, but what and why is revealed very slowly to the audience. VERY slowly. Which means that we have a lot of angst-filled character exchanges and we, the audience, are confused bystanders unable to relate to what is motivating the characters interactions with one another.

I feel the scene structure probably would have worked better for a novel, where we have access to more of the internal narrative.

So while it's not a story problem necessarily, it dilutes in the effectiveness in my opinion. Pretty much everything we need to understand is eventually revealed, but I don't think the finale was as cathartic as the soundtrack makes me feel they were shooting for.

I am not a hockey afficionado, and the hockey scenes worked adequately for me. I see that serious hockey fans are being quite critical here - I think that is unjustified. This isn't a movie about hockey any more than it is a movie about fishing. This is a drama about a family with a troubled past, and one of them happened to be a hockey player, which provides the character with the necessary local notoriety required for the story.

A nice effort, and I would suggest it is well worth watching for the performances, and for those that just love to see PEI on screen. I would love to see more movies like this.

Reviewed by zorroaca 4 / 10

Didn't Cross the Finish Line

Good photography and music... too much of a story to pack into an hour and a half. Acting was not bad considering the characters were underdeveloped ... which in turn made everything disjointed. Would have make a good series with flashbacks playing a heavy part. The ending thrown together here... was rather silly and unfulfilling.

Reviewed by js-66130 3 / 10


P. E. I.. Family trauma. Adultery. Folk music. Hockey. Did I mention P. E. I.?

Jordie is a hulking, awkward hockey player returning home as somewhat of a local legend with what appears to be a tail between his legs. There is a mysterious dark past, and plenty of tension, amplified by the crowded circumstance. Small town? Howsabout small island? There is no escaping the past. Many will require nothing more. This is your wheelhouse. Good for you. Sadly, for those willing to remove rose coloured islander glasses, this is not a great viewing experience.

Stark realism is great if it ain't clunky, and damn, this is clunky. Unspoken secrets only work if some loose lips let slip, otherwise there is but conjecture and eventually, ambivalence. When sibling matters come to a lobster boil, the drama is pretty anti-climactic. A fishing boat scene, which should be life and death serious, plays embarrassingly tepid. The brothers do come to inevitable blows, and it is on the ice (get it: "Still the Water"), but they are on the same team. Yes the same team. Needless to say, any hockey aficionado will have a problem or twelve with the shinny sequences. The footage is akin to a beer league scenario, not from supposed Memorial Cup skaters. This is John Candy as Darryl Sittler silly, except it ain't played for laughs. Who throws down their stick (several times, this is Jordy's go to move) when mad? No one. No one does. The stilted and perplexing road hockey scenes on bumpy dirt roads are excruciatingly awful. Was there not a hockey player available as consultant? Maybe a seven year old with a rudimentary knowledge of the sport? C'mon!

As a wrinkled cherry on a collapsing cake, the big finale happens at centre ice in a darkened, empty arena, because that is where everyone hangs out when they look for redemption. Sports clich├ęs are back baby!

Is the film this bad? Perhaps not. The music is fine. The scenery lovely. It does capture that odd islander vibe. Perhaps anyone not privy to the nuances of hockey will squeeze some sort of entertainment from this picture. Stranger things have happened.

  • hipCRANK.

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