Standing Up, Falling Down


Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1508

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November 22, 2020 at 01:56 AM



Caitlin McGee as Taylor
Kevin Dunn as Gary Rollins
Jill Hennessy as Vanessa
Ben Schwartz as Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sara_shaw 7 / 10

Good Writing and Chemistry Never Gets Old

A failed 30-something comedian commiserates with a regretful 60-something dermatologist. Hi-jinks and Friendship ensue: the comedic drama, old-fashioned style- tried and true themes of failure, regret, the search for redemption, finding it where you least expect it, etc. Pedestrian and cliche? Slight and minor? If you say so, but what if the movie's good? "Standing Up, Falling Down" knows what it is and stays within it's wheelhouse- you're drawn in without really expecting it because it feels human in that uniquely cinematic way. It's also buoyed by great chemistry between its leads. Ben Schwartz, mostly known for his more over-the-top comedic performances, plays it closer to the vest here, almost the straight man to Billy Crystal, who, while not really being a dramatic actor, pulls off his role with aplomb. It's nice to see a movie like this sneak in behind enemy lines- one that wears its heart on its sleeve without being maudlin or cynically pandering to some kind of denominator. It's a movie that's quietly profound- sure, kind of in a bumper sticker way, but you don't go to the movies to watch filmed philosophical treatises. I ended the film with a smile in my heart- that's gotta be worth something...

Reviewed by pwmoores-49444 5 / 10

No Surprises

I saw this film at the Glasgow Film Festival. It starts off very well for the first 30 mins and I was very engaged. Thereafter the film gets bogged down and never moves out of second gear. A shame as a good and interesting film was struggling to get out.

Reviewed by SnobReviews 6 / 10

A sweet and sometimes funny dramedy.

"Standing Up Falling, Down" is slightly clichéd but the unlikely alliance between Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz really makes solid on-screen chemistry. . In this comedy-drama, an unlikely friendship is formed when a struggling stand-up comedian and an alcoholic dermatologist help each other find healing in their lives. . Even though it's a buddy comedy-drama that we've all seen before, "Standing Up, Falling Down" is an often sweet, funny and relatable film that features good performances from its lead ensemble. Crystal and Schwartz work well riffing off each other and you can tell these two had a good time working together. It's decent enough to get through and one of the better VOD films you'll come across. . Follow @snobmedia for more reviews!

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