Squadra antifurto

1976 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

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Robert Webber as Mr. Douglas
Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 8 / 10

An excellently put-together polizia flick

The huge success of Bruno Corbucci's THE COP IN BLUE JEANS led him to make dozens of sequels, always with star Tomas Milian playing SERPICO-inspired Italian cop Nico Giraldi, in the following years. HIT SQUAD is the first of these sequels and is nearly identical in feel to the original film, except with a different storyline and different supporting characters of course. What begins as a gag-fuelled comedy somehow turns into a hard-boiled crime flick which manages to retain the comedy and be thrilling at the same time.

The humour is mostly of the lowbrow variety and consists of Milian endlessly calling people "turds" but it comes so thick and fast that you can't help but laugh. Milian is at the top of his game as the badly-dressed cop you hate to love and seems to be really enjoying himself in the part, a real character performance. Check out for scenes involving Serpico, the white mouse who returns from the original movie (and this time gets a girlfriend!), Milian cavorting around in red speedos (I'm sure the millions of girls who drooled after David Duchovny did the same thing once in an X-FILES episode won't be so keen here) and the inherent coolness Milian carries from scene to scene.

After lots of slapstick comedy and a gag involving a man eating his own excrement, the plot begins for real. A gang of petty robbers have fallen in at the deep end by stealing an important notebook full of facts and figures involving illegal money-making schemes. The film's most shocking scene features one such thief attempting to sell said notebook back to one of the intended victims but instead finding himself brutally beaten to death with a spade and encased in concrete! A series of violent murders follow and Milian finds himself caught up in them, taking plenty of time out to romance beautiful Italian women, of course. The imported American star this time around is Robert Webber, who initially appears to be an innocent victim.

The action aspects of the movie are well-choreographed and excellently handled, as usual for the genre. Giraldi rides a motorbike, so there are lots of cool stunts as he jumps over cars and into boats, and the fights are plentiful and violent with lots of punching and kicking. Later in the film there's a great set-piece involving a train and a fine car chase just afterwards. The film's bizarre coda sees Milian travelling to New York to apprehend a final criminal, and finding himself accosted by a mentally ill man on the street, leading to much comedy laughs. The way this scene is filmed, I'm inclined to believe that maybe the crazy guy wasn't actually an actor but wandered in off the street! Incredible stuff you won't see anywhere else. Of course the film culminates with more insane humour and a nice beat-down for the villain. A must for Milian fans and those who like laughs with their action, this is an excellently put-together little polizia flick with a great pacing.

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