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Lochlyn Munro as Marshal
Ty Wood as Tyler
Chandra West as Tiffany
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 4 / 10

Slow movie with a good twist.

The moment any movie is compared to Hereditary or Vvitch, i try to avoid cos of the bore effect. The acting is good but the movie is very slow with a good twist.

In short, it tried hard to be like Get Out n felt more like Adam Green's Spiral but ended up more like Hereditary.

Reviewed by bradleyarnup 2 / 10

Major plotholes and illogical decisions

It just tries so hard to be clever but is riddled with errors in logic.

While the main character tries to convince his partner that something is weird going on, he somehow fails to mention that someone broke into their house on three occasions. One, to write the homophobic slur on the wall, two, steal their personal belongings (photo) and then a third time when he caught someone red handed inside their house. But no he decides to keep it all a secret, endangering a man and his daughter. Just totally irresponsible and completely unbelievable. Could you imagine if someone broke into your house repeatedly and you decided the best thing to do was to hide it from your partner and his daughter? Just insanely bad writing, no one would make those decisions in reality.

But then again, if he'd have just notified someone of three separate break-ins then they'd have no doubt just moved away and there would be no movie. So I guess that's the purpose of the idiotic writing there.

It is a just a painfully long build up to one or two shocking scenes at the end if you manage to stay awake until that point. The fact that people even attempt to compare this movie to 'Get Out' and 'Hereditary' is laughable and frankly insulting to those two genuinely good horror films. The potential meaningfulness in its symbolism regarding homophobia and racism is just completely overshadowed by how poorly written this was.

Sincerely, don't waste your time with this garbage.

Reviewed by RomanJamesHoffman 4 / 10

A decent effort let down by its own schizophrenia

A mixed-race gay couple (and the one guy's daughter from a previous relationship) make the move as an alternative family unit to a small town where things are, and always have been, button down and traditional. At first, the couple feel excited that their plan to live a more down-to-earth life away from city stresses...but soon one of the guys begins to suspect that the community is hiding a sinister secret.

The set up is very familiar to horror fans and yet the first act of the movie plays out quite well. It's shot well, has convincing performances from the leads, and - with the help of a good sound engineer - effortlessly builds up the creep factor.

These plus points remain throughout the movie; however, the second act of the film drags and the third act seems to fall asleep at the wheel and veer dramatically from paranormal horror to Rosemary's Baby-esque paranoia, back again, then into some ham-fisted social commentary on both mental illness, racism, and homophobia before finally crashing headlong into the lovechild of Hereditary and Dracula.

As a result the ending feels unsatisfactory as a lot of the reveals feel tacked-on and limp. By the time it ended I felt like the writers tried to cover up a weak script by distracting the audience with some horror cliches and - if that didn't work - some clunky "message" that "racism is bad" and/or "homophobia is bad" and/or "mental illness is a shame".

Which is sad because if the film had had the courage of it's convictions a bit more I think it could have delivered way more effectively on what it set up in the first third. All in all, an okay-ish watch but that's being a bit on the generous side.

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