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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ctomvelu1 1 / 10


Bad movie director Frank Zagarino strikes again with the godawful, no-budget "Spiker," about an escaped convict who likes to kill people by driving railroad spikes into them. Go figure. Some young people decide to spend the weekend at one of the crew's late aunt's house. It turns out the aunt was the Spiker's very first victim -- and now he's coming home! We even get to watch him walking along a railroad line at one point. None of the kids are particularly memorable, just cannon fodder, and the guy playing the killer looks remarkably like the Doc from "Back to the Future," sans any facial expressions. The killings are high school level special effects at best. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by stormofwar 1 / 10

About as entertaining as a hernia.

I picked this up at a Redbox thinking it sounded like a pretty typical b-film typical slasher flick. I'm a fan of films in this genre, my father having introduced me at an early age.

However, this film is one of the worst I have seen.

"Spiker" is a story of a maniacal mass murderer with superhuman endurance who goes after 6 kids staying at the house of one of their decedents.

The previous owner is channeled via séance whom one can seen and hear (of course, being the decedent). In the end, this could have been a good beer movie, but it doesn't even come close to reaching it's potential.

The production values are awful and among the worst I have seen. The sound seems slightly muffled. At times, you really cannot make out what is being said despite the conversation should be a normal situation. The set was something of a disgrace at points (here's your 20 year old oven with no dust? WTF?). The acting is sub par, even for the genre, and absolutely uninspired. The cinematography is awful (was their any point to the cheerleader butt shot?).

I give the special effects a dishonorable mention. The first 10 minutes of the film were promising, including the BBEG having purple eyes. However, they are not seen in the rest of the film, and the first "motif" death seemed the point where they gave up. Spiker also does a move where he periodically bangs the heads of this spikes together for no discernible reason. Just walking along the railroad tracks *clang*. Going through the fores *clang*. This could be the dumbest trademark move in the history of moviedom.

Honestly, I have seen awful movies. I have seen Bloodrayne sober. I have watched Date Movie and not cried tears of pain. I have seen Manos un-MST3K'ed. I have survived all this. Please understand this warning I give to you now.

Do not waste your time of day on this trash. You will want those hours of your life back, but unfortunately, you can't get a refund. Consider yourself warned.

Reviewed by harrylt 5 / 10

It's that bad it's actually funny

I must admit I turned it off after roughly 30 minutes. Although in that short period of time I must of spent the majority of it laughing so hard because everything in it is so bad e.g. the story, scenarios and acting etc. I can understand how some films are meant to be bad such as the sharknado franchise but this is a whole new level. I don't actually know whether it's meant to be a comedy or just one hell of a huge embarrassing mistake. If your wondering why I've rated 5/10 even though i couldn't watch anymore of it. Yeah I admit at some points I was laughing hard but there's only so much you can watch till the novelty wares off and then your just stuck with a REALLY BAD film.

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