Spencer's Mountain


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Veronica Cartwright as Becky Spencer
Maureen O'Hara as Olivia Spencer
Henry Fonda as Clay Spencer
Larry D. Mann as Spencer Brother
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Reviewed by xhancock 10 / 10

My favorite movie

When I joined the IMDB community, I was asked about my favorite movie. I was at a loss for about five minutes, trying to think of movies that I could truly consider my favorite. This movie finally won over the others I considered when I realized that a favorite is something personal and beyond reproach - you may hate this movie, but I saw at the perfect time of my life and now it means much more to me than it probably could otherwise.

Henry Fonda turns in an excellent performance, which is testimony to his work ethic - he vocally denounced the script as "corny" enough to throw back Hollywood film-making 20 years. The children are troopers of the same era as other classic family movies, ala Disney's "Swiss Family Robinson." I imagine the casting companies used were the same.

This movie accomplishes what it sets out to do - make you care about the Spencer family, their desire for respect and honor, and the sacrifices they make to do what they think is right. There are many moments in this movie where you could be moved to tears.

An emotional movie with, dare I say it, a lot of heart. It is my favorite movie.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Spencer Family Values

Henry Fonda throughout his career showed a great flair for playing rustic characters and endowing them with dignity. In fact that was his introduction to film when he did the movie version of the play that made him a star, The Farmer Takes A Wife. Of course as Fonda started playing more of a variety of roles he was less and less in rustic settings.

His last role of this type was as Clay Spencer in Spencer's Mountain a feel good family type picture with a rather interesting take on the facts of life. Country folks like the Spencers who deal a lot in livestock are familiar with the breeding process so it's not a huge big deal with them. At least it's not in this film as Mimsy Farmer is ready to finish James MacArthur's eduction in that regard. One of the best scenes in the film is Henry Fonda bringing over his bull to mate with one of Dub Taylor's cows with everybody looking on. I guess they're starved for entertainment in that part of the country.

In fact MacArthur's further education is what drives the film. He's the oldest of Fonda's and Maureen O'Hara's nine children and the first to graduate high school. His teacher Virginia Gregg wants to see him get ahead and go to the university. But the financial and other obstacles are considerable. Even the new minister Wally Cox tutors MacArthur in a needed Latin course.

If the Spencers bear no small resemblance to the Walton family that's because Earl Hammer who created the Waltons also wrote the novel this film was based on. Spencer's Mountain is beautifully photographed in the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming, just as pretty and more majestic than the Walton's Appalachians. Delmer Daves who directed Spencer's Mountain also directed Jubal a few years earlier, a western also set in the Grand Tetons. The cinematography is just as good, but the resemblance stops there because Jubal is quite the adult western.

Spencer's Mountain marked the farewell performance of Donald Crisp who was 81 years old when he filmed this and had a career going back to the earliest silent films. He was a grand character actor who played an awesome variety of parts. Here he's in his family patriarch persona as Fonda's father married to Lillian Bronson in the film. Crisp won his Oscar as the family patriarch in John Ford's How Green Was My Valley.

Spencer's Mountain did good box office and it's a nice family film. But Henry Fonda's new agent passed on a Broadway play called Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf and signed his client for this. Fonda never forgave the agent, I can't really blame him.

Reviewed by MSTEX992 9 / 10

Great Classic

This movie was very enjoyable. It was fun, heartwarming & great story for the whole family. If you like "The Walton's" you will like "Spencer's Mountain" Henry Fonda does a wonderful job trying to care for his "babies" This movies proves that not all dreams have to come true to be happy. Sometimes you can be happy right where you are if you are, if you only give life a chance. Maureen O'Hara couldn't of done better as her role as Clay Spencer's wife. Also Wally Cox was super as the new preacher in town. This movie will have you laughing and crying. It is one of the best. I have watched this movie many times and know I will watch it several more times.

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