Soul Snatcher

2020 [CHINESE]

Action / Fantasy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jadeeemei 10 / 10

Worth watching!

Love the CG. The ending was very touching. Love Li Xian!!!

Reviewed by macready85 1 / 10

So bad that my body went into shock and I couldn't get up and leave...

Some caveats for this review - I don't speak Mandarin, and a lot of the spiritual folklore in Asian cinema is lost on me. I feel it's probably easier to understand if you have some Asian cultural heritage.

I knew I was in trouble seconds after the movie started. The opening scene (not a spoiler really) begins with an obviously CGI fox. It's a caricature almost, cartoonish and unconvincing, as are most of the other CGI animals and creatures which follow. I guess they're meant to be whimsical perhaps, complementing the film's campy and shallow characters, who are also unconvincing and impossible to engage with.

The scenes are long and meant to be humorous - they're not. They're dull, unfunny, and painful to watch. There is zero connection with any of the main characters throughout these drawn out encounters.

And the subtitles. I used to enjoy the dodgy English subtitles of 80s and 90s Hong Kong cinema, but it's 2020 now. Maybe the few bucks saved by using Google Translate will dawn a new era of sub-par subtitles in Chinese films. There were at least two words which appear constantly throughout the film, "childe" and "claman" - wish I knew what they meant. But the dialogue in general doesn't make sense. Sure a sentence might sound right, but in a conversation, there was often no context with the dialogue spoken either side of it.

The combination of all these elements makes for a very unpleasant movie experience.

I did actually like the ending, however, I had zoned out so much and nodded off frequently in the last 45 minutes that I only caught glimpses of it.

Masochism viewing level = 11

Reviewed by actress_tw 7 / 10

Weirdly paced but worth a watch for...

Weirdly paced but worth a watch for some quirky fun, uncanny humor and friendship, scary animals, less-than-expected action, and over all, the beauty of cinema and CG. The story itself somehow starts to drag when the lady comes back on screen to fight for her part against Mr.Fox and his buddy...and then little by little, making the audience either feel sleepy or just have problems keeping their attention level as high as on earlier highlights when classical Chinese meets modern visual tech in just the right tone.

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