Sometimes in April


Action / Drama / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 5210


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Idris Elba as Augustin
Debra Winger as Prudence Bushnell
Noah Emmerich as Lionel Quaid
Peter McRobbie as Bushnell's Superior
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by badjuju_00 10 / 10

Incredibly powerful and breathtaking

This is not an easy movie to watch, but I urge everyone to see it. I was a struggle not to cry; so I held my breath each time because I knew the minute I started crying, I would not be able to watch the entire movie.

The movie not only points out the evil people can inflict on each other, it also depicts how silence and avarice can lead to a horrific end.

When people discuss genocide, they go back to Hitler, Pol Pot, etc - this movie goes to show that we still do not care enough about our fellow humans to take care of them and protect them.

There are several ironies in this movie - one of which was the Olympic games. People worldwide were tuned into the Olympics and keeping tabs of the events at the same time others were being butchered.

In 100 days, almost a million people were murdered. It's unimaginable how a tragedy on this scale remains unknown - even scarier is this is proof that it can and possibly will happen again.

Reviewed by diggerjohn111 10 / 10

Sometimes in April

This was one of the most moving films I have ever seen. Didn't have the flash of Hotel Rwanda or Schindler's List, but possibly surpassed them in substance. This is not a film for the squeamish, but a film about genocide shouldn't be if it is to deliver its message with maximum effect. Even 11 years on, we in the West get only glimpses into the happenings of the Rwanda Genocide and even fewer in the Western World even attempt to understand the reasons. In just 100 days, over 1 million Tutsis and Moderate Hutus were killed while the world looked the other way. I think this film demonstrated this very well, while at the same time it showed that there were some (Debra Winger's character) in the West who tried everything to help but could do nothing. It doesn't blame the West for the genocide like an uber-liberal, Michael Mooresque America-bashing festival would, but doesn't forgive the West for letting it happen either (which is more than reasonable). "It was Rwandans killing Rwandans", was the line used by the US Army general in the film to give an excuse as to why nothing was done by the outside world. But I think the most important message in this film was that in the living hell that was Rwanda during the genocide, there were still incredible acts of courage and humanity (the Hutu farm wife who sheltered the Matron and the school girls). An aspect of the film that struck hardest with me was how quickly the spiral of madness and slaughter struck so quickly and so terribly. The interplay between the main characters also showed that many of the people who complied in this most evil of crimes were not monsters out of a horror novel, but regular people who through self-interest or ethnic bigotry became the tools of this remarkable insanity. To sum this up, I gave this movie a 10 out of 10. The reason why I did is because this is a movie that should be seen by all. To paraphrase the motto of the survivors of Hitler's Holocaust, "Never again", Sometimes in April reminds us all that we should keep to that promise.

Reviewed by megawimp 9 / 10

Forget "Hotel Rwanda"

If you really want to find out a bit more about the genocide in Rwanda of 1994, this is THE movie to go! It's a wonderful, yet uncompromisingly sad and bitter movie. Whereas "Hotel Rwanda" was more like Schindlers List in Africa, more focusing on a Hollywood-like hero & love story, "Sometimes in April" leads you right into the very depths of hell. The characters are well pointed out, the acting is always impressive and the film-making is very subtle and pleasantly calm. the only thing really which I could complain about to a certain degree was the sometimes a bit too prominently set musical soundtrack. Still - this movie is unforgettable; for one simply because of its honest attempt to tell the story of what happened in Rwanda, when the world literally turned its head - and on the other hand I feel the deepest respect for the team involved in making this for their seriousness and adequacy. A very daring and important movie!

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