2013 [KOREAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pe_lun_206 10 / 10

Cried a half of the movie :'(

The only thing that I want to say is that you should watch this movie. And if you don't watch it, be regret :( I cried a lot, the acting was incredible, totally love the girl. In my thoughts, this may be a movie about father and daughter and I was completely fallen for it! How poor the little girl was, I can't imagine what she had been through! Her acting was very good, I even thought she had really been through that tragedy :'( And her Father was really really a emotional man, not like what I thought he would be at the beginning! He made me think of my Father and I just cried a lot! He won the Blue Dragon Award for The Best Actor! I think he totally deserved it! Btw, the movie got the Award too! SHOULD WATCH!

Reviewed by kainwalker 9 / 10

Above all a story of a father and a daughter

So Won (aka Hope also aka Wish) is a movie about a terrible event (the rape by a drunkard of a 9 yo girl) that shatters a family. It unravels slowly showing at first the parents (the father in particular case) who seem somehow too busy to take care of their daughter, then the tragedy happens, this part is not too graphic (thank God) but we are made aware that the poor girl will bear physical consequences for the rest of her life. Then there's the trial, and the need of money, and the shame for being at the center of attention. I was afraid this movie was going to be somehow a classic tearjerker describing the struggle of the family with money, work, slow/inefficient justice and so on. But the second half of the movie was about the father trying to get close to his daughter. And I think it was moving, and delicate at the same time.

The acting is very good. The food mascots costumes cuteness level was really over the top. Overall (as the rating suggests) I liked this movie, it was touching.

Reviewed by mrdjan 9 / 10

Disturbing, but...

Very disturbing feature about rape and beating of an 8 year old girl on her way to school. Luckyly the film's director doesen't show the gruesome scenes and the whole movie is dedicated on the aftermath of the crime itself. It shows the importance of having family and friends support during such time. It also shows the stupidity of korean legal system ( it's similar here in Croatia ) and all crimes in that domain should be punished most severely. All in all, very good movie ( the most touching scene is when the little girl tells her dad that he can take off the funny cartoon costume in which he follows her around to make her days easier ). Those who like the movie, try another korean masterpiece - Miracle in cell no. 7. Cheers

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