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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aria-ariana2012 8 / 10

The Evil Side of Social Networking Sites

Socialphobia tries to uncover the life in the cyber world and how it correlates with real life. When a condescending remark was tweeted, the internet go berserk and start to rally against the immoral tweet- er. As the hatred blown out of proportion, a group of online community member feel the need to punish the criminal only to put themselves in trouble.

Repeatedly, the message sent in this movie was that normal functioning society members would never understand the life of a keyboard warrior; why they do the things they do, how they end up being a keyboard warrior. To me, keyboard warrior is just an online bully. When the medium like internet exist it makes it easier for bullies to channel their anger and immoral attitude without so much hassle. People don't know who you are and you can simply let them know the other side of you and usually without getting caught in real life.

Basically, I think this movie wants to portray how bad the younger generation has messed up with the existence of social media platform. While the platform was created with good intention, younger generations are prone to evil side it has to offer.

The movie is good enough for me. I wouldn't go as far as saying great because I wasn't heavily impacted by it. I'm well aware of the bad stuff that's going on and so it didn't so much as give me any enlightenment regarding the issue. I wish keyboard warriors would watch this movie and get a good scare out of it.

Reviewed by itcafenet 1 / 10

Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time

Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time

Reviewed by grandmastersik 1 / 10

Loved the concept; bored witless by the execution

A film about flamers, trolls, online hardmen and the addictive and destructive reality of Twitter - what's not to like?

The film starts out well, quickly leading to an apparent suicide when a gang of idiots go to the home of a keyboard warrior to expose her identity, but unfortunately, the pace quickly drops off and, at the 40 minute mark, it was a real struggle to continue watching - I was that bored!

Nothing much happening 10 minutes later with the two hapless leads playing The Mystery Gang with an intensity that would have seen even the classic, Scoob, get axed, and the message dropped, the team behind the film clearly overlooked one very important side effect of the internet: lower attention spans.

I consequently turned the film off, hence its low rating... which may seem unfair, given that it was competent and I've (somehow) sat through much worse flicks, but anything I can't bring myself to watch in entirety is an automatic 1 by my personal rating system and, honestly, my only advice would be to avoid this snoozer.

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