Snow on Tha Bluff


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by hkp71984 10 / 10

I really enjoyed this movie.

OK, I'll be honest, I'm a conservative middle aged woman from the Mid West area of the United States. I moved down to Atlanta for my job a few years ago, and I was instantly taken back by the difference in the way people live here. It was a culture shock. I live in the Westend area, which is only a few miles from "The Bluff" (the neighborhood this movie was shot in).

Though I don't agree with all of the actions of Curtis Snow, this movie was kinda interesting. It was very realistic, and I really like how clever they were. His problems are not like mine, but for some reason I could actually relate to the "need to provide" themes in this movie. This man is from the poorest area in Atlanta, I'm talking dirt poor, where people are raised in a violent drug filled world, little hope.

It's interesting to me that these filmmakers were able to get in, and get out alive. I'm biased to "found footage" type films, and this is now one of my favorites, it's gonna be a good-add to my collection, next to my other crime-dramas.

Reviewed by streetsweeper32 8 / 10

Intense movie.. WOW

This is another found-footage film that veers into uncharted waters and takes a look without any moral judgement (like most Hollywood movies) of Atlanta's most dangerous hood, "The Bluff". When you watch this movie, you see it from Curtis Snow's perspective, who is a drug dealer, robbery boy who only knows the life he was born into.

To the reviewer who mentioned that this film has no artistic value, I would definitely have to disagree. Though the film's content is harsh and unrelenting the way the camera follows the action, the way in which this film was cut together, and the social questions it raises along with the controversy are quite an artistic accomplishment. I would suspect that the deep underlying issues that this film raises is the reason this independent movie has seen such attention in the press (and the reason I watched it).

I feel that this film really is a call to action. Every city in America has ghetto's such as these that are largely ignored by the mass public, and I think we need to look at restoring these places in order to help the children (like a young Curtis Snow) who were born into drugs, guns, and violence.

Reviewed by afmom38 10 / 10

A Must See

This movie is a must see. If you weren't raised in the ghetto you may not relate to it. But if you were, it will bring tears to your eyes. I watched it four times in a row. It reminded me of how I was raised, and fortunately I don't live that way anymore. When the baby's mother is killed I felt so much pain for that little boy to be raised without a mother. She was innocent in the documentary. There are a lot of girls that get caught up with having children for men like Snow. Sadly, she lost her life. If you weren't raised around drugs and street life you will think the movie is horrible. But to some people it is a reality show. More of a reality than some of the reality shows on television.

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