Sin rodeos

2018 [SPANISH]


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Candela Peña as Conductora
Santiago Segura as Amil Narayan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewbunney 8 / 10

(AKA No Filter) Not to be confused with Sin Filtro

DIRECTOR: Santiago Segura CAST: Maribel Verdú An attractive, intelligent high-achieving 39 year old woman has allowed herself to be beaten down by the whole catastrophe of modern life. With a boss who humiliates her, a husband who ignores her, a stepson who doesn't respect her, and a best friend who doesn't listen to her, Paz finally has had enough. When she refuses more calming medication and takes a herb to lessen her anxiety about traffic, tradies, social media and the rest, she finds her assertiveness quickly and dramatically changes her life. Without the usual filters of long-suffering, self effacement and diplomacy, Paz emerges from the repressive rat-race and moves toward regaining her independence and a better life.

No Filter is a great comic story for our time with the strong ring of dramatic authenticity. Played by Spain's #1 female star, Maribel Verdú (Blancanieves, Y Tu Mama Tambien etc) the character of Paz is an empowered, liberated and inspiring heroine. This neat film is entertaining for all and life affirming, especially for the girls.

Reviewed by fervly 7 / 10

Nice light comedy film

A film that will make you smile and have fun. Sometimes you need this kind of films... good interpretation from Maribel Verdu.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Acceptable and fun comedy being competently made by Santiago Segura and with fine main and support cast

Paz, Maribel Verdu, is a 39-year-old woman, an advert executive whose boss while having sex with all his employees attempts to isolate her by hiring an It-girl called Alicia : Cristina Pedroche, a known Instagram follower and other social networks. Paz on the verge of the nervous breakdown visits a TV Hindi guru,: Santiago Segura, but she again loses control over what she does and says, as she begins talking out everything that comes to her mind.

This is a decent film with a sour critique to new systems of communication, social nets Whasapp , instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other means invading the contemporary style of life . Stars Maribel Verdu giving a nice acting as the advert executive losing personal control due to her abusive boss and a recent aspiring young girl taking her position at the enterprise. Support cast is pretty good with plenty of familiar series mostly from television series such as : Cristina Pedroche as the egoistic and ambitious colleague who attempts to take Paz's job, Cristina Castaño as friend obsessed for her ex-fiance, Diego Martin as Maribel Verdu's old flame about to marry Barbara Santa Cruz, Enrique San Francisco as the drunk neighbour usually celebrating noisy parties, Santiago Segura himself as a Hindi guru healer and cameo by Alaska singing the catching song final and brief appearance by Jose Mota.

It packs colorful and brilliant cinematography by the great cameraman Kiko De La Rica. As well as attractive and atmospehric musical. The picture well produced by great producer Eduardo Campoy was efficiently directed by Santiago Segura. This well known actor and director has made various film, being especially famous for his 5 films of the Torrente saga. And has directed other nice and succesful films as Padre no hay mas que uno or Father there is only one and Padre no hay mas que dos. Furhermore, Santiago Seguta has played important international movies as Blade, Pacific Rim, Chica de Rio and National ones as Muertos de Risa, Obra Maestra, La Reina de España , El dia de la bestia and being fetish actor of the Oscarized filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

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