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Toshirô Mifune as Ichirô Aoye
Takashi Shimura as Otokichi Hiruta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharptongue 10 / 10


This is my favourite Kurosawa film. The director was reported to have been furious at the state of media freedom under the post-WWII US Occupation, and he vents his spleen on it here. The film is a passionate condemnation of gutter press and appears to be partly based on the director's own experiences.

I have to stop myself from the overuse of superlatives when describing this film. The acting is simply some of the best I've seen in any movie. Mifune does his usual good job as the brooding and very serious motorbike-riding painter but, for once, even the great Mifune is outclassed by several other actors.

Yoshiko Yamaguchi shines as the doe-eyed singer, whom a scandal magazine tries to frame as the painter's lover.

Despite not appearing until a third of the way through the film, Takashi Shimura steals every scene from Mifune. He is in top form as the weird and corrupted lawyer, and is a delight to watch.

But even Shimura is outclassed by the young Yoko Katsuragi, playing his daughter, who despite dying of TB is cheerful and a joy to all around her.

Nor does the support cast let them down. A number of great character actors, led by the man who plays the sleazy editor, complete the picture nicely.

I unreservedly recommend this film as a must-see for any film lover.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

great but overlooked

This Kurasawa film, starring the ubiquitous Toshiro Mifune is exactly what most film fans do NOT expect. This is NOT a samurai film and there is no killing and it was set in the present-day. Unfortunately, because of these factors it is seldom shown on TV and has been largely ignored by Kurasawa buffs. This is a real shame because I think it's one of his best--due to wonderful writing and characterizations.

The story begins with Mifune on vacation. He's in the mountains painting for relaxation when he accidentally meets up with a famous female celebrity. He drives her back to the inn they are both staying at and the next day they happen to meet again and share breakfast. Nothing illicit--just two nice people sharing time together. However, unknown to them, they are seen and photographed by sleazy tabloid writers who try to create scandal.

The star is't terribly bothered by the mess but Mifune sees this as a great dishonor and he MUST gain satisfaction from the rag. They refuse to relent and so Mifune seeks out legal representation to sue.

This is only the first third of the movie. The alcoholic lawyer and his handicapped daughter make up a powerful and importance presence in the movie. The ending is NOT TO BE MISSED--I couldn't have wanted a better human drama or better acting. Wonderful and true throughout.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Intense, engaging and meaningfully directed but not one of my favourites from Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa has now become one of my favourite directors. Even in some of his weaker films like Dreams and Rhapsody in August there is much to like. All his films are beautifully made and directed, with complex and humanistic characters and themes, fine music and great acting. Scandal is not one of my favourites from Kurosawa like Seven Samurai, Ran, Hidden Fortress, Ikiru and Yojimbo, I did find some scenes like the Auld Lang Syne bar scene on the melodramatic side and I found Toshiro Mifune's performance here to be the least interesting of his I've seen so far and his character somewhat dissuasive. That is not to say at all that Mifune is bad, he is actually very good with his usual brooding persona, just that he has done characters that were more human and interesting. Besides while I have found Mifune to have stolen the films he's in before, he's outclassed by a brilliant Takashi Shimura, and Shirley Yamaguchi and Yoko Katsuragi are just as natural. Other than Shimura, Yamaguchi and Katsuragi, Scandal is made and directed with delicate skill, and the story, with quite a daring and personal subject matter, is always intense and engaging. The script is just as naturalistic and never stilted, the characters on the whole are well done especially Shimura's lawyer, the courtroom scene is compellingly played and the music while not one of the best ever scores for Kurosawa's films is fitting. All in all, not one of the master of Japanese cinema's best but still a film of interest. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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