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Erin Brown as Rebecca Raven - Zombie This
Erika Smith as Sarah - Zombie This
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

An immensely funny and entertaining tongue-in-cheek low-budget horror anthology movie send-up

Fed-up B-horror scream queen Rebecca Raven (a winningly spirited and self-deprecating performance by the adorable Misty Mundae) gets sacked by the low-rent studio that regularly employs her. Raven goes to a remote house in the country to rest while sleazeball hack director Frank (a deliciously smarmy Michael R. Thomas) looks for a new starlet to replace her. First and most amusing yarn, "Mecharachnia" - A couple of mischievous tiny aliens terrorize down-on-his-luck junkyard owner Jed Callahan (amiable Rob Monkiewicz) and his feisty ex-girlfriend Linda (foxy brunette spitfire Caitlin Ross). This segment boasts some very funky old school-style stop-motion animation special effects, with a towering makeshift monster made out of spare car parts rating as the definite highlight. Second and most inspired story, "Zombie This" - Raven has to tap into her experience as a veteran schlock horror actress after she accidentally resurrects a shambling zombie (Duane Polcou in nifty make-up). It's a real treat to watch Mondae parody her trash pic goddess persona (she even takes an obligatory nude bath) and get tough as she kicks some pesky undead butt. Third and most outrageous story, "Lonely Are the Brain" - Crazy mad scientist Dr. Carruthers (nicely played by the luscious Julian Wells) uses a handful of lovely young ladies in a home for wayward women as guinea pigs in dangerous experiments conducted for an evil giant brain with an insatiable hunger for erotic pleasure. It's up to brassy take-charge lass Naomi (a strong and sympathetic turn by the yummy AJ Khan) to stop Carruthers. This wonderfully warped affair offers a deliriously intoxicating mix of tasty female nudity, kinky soft-core sex, and trippy, surreal, nightmarish visuals. Writer/director Brett Piper maintains a brisk pace throughout and does a fine job of creating a playfully macabre atmosphere. Moreover, the enthusiastic cast have an absolute ball with their juicy roles and Jon Greathouse supplies a delightfully campy Danny Elfmanesque rollicking ooga-booga score. A great deal of blithely goofy fun.

Reviewed by HEFILM 1 / 10

badly acted padded talkathon

Brett Piper is always at his best with FX sequences and not as his best with actors or story. This film being a series of short stories, the script never really polishes any idea before moving on to the next half backed story and most of the time it's up to the actors to fill the time until we reach feature length. Bulk of the characters are the type you fear you'll be stuck next to on a long flight somewhere. FX are few and far between.

Yes they shot on film but it has a flat Saturday morning TV series, and not a good one, for kids in the 1970's look.

The performers all try to overact and the words are just padding here. It looks like every first take was printed and the only direction was make it more over the top. When you have actors who don't really have over the top to give what you get is shrill non actor yelling at each other or mugging like they are funny. They aren't.

Talk talk talk, oh here's a cute special FX shot, talk talk talk talk.

That's pretty much the way the movie goes. It seems a lazy effort from Piper who may well be exhausted from doing all those FX on most of his films himself. There just aren't enough of his charming hand made retro FX to forgive the flat talky nature of the rest of the movie. And the way the script is written, so talk heavy, that seems to have been the intention all along.

There are films of Pipers that are worth watching, I just can't put this one in that pile. Main title music by Jon Greathouse is great fun but then there is almost no score to the rest of the film. Another Piper decision? A function of no post production time? More music please especially in a drag-a-thon like this one.

Reviewed by The_Void 6 / 10

Stupid, but enjoyable B-movie anthology

Shock-O-Rama is a low budget horror film split into three segments. Anyone that has seen a Brett Piper film will have some idea what to expect; a silly plot line and some cheap, but imaginative, special effects are the order of the day; and the director duly delivers. My main reason for seeing this film was the inclusion of Seduction Cinema queen Misty Mundae, and while the actress keeps her clothes on in this film; she still delivers an amusing performance. The film is basically an anthology; although it toys with that idea somewhat with regards to the wrap-around story. We focus on low budget trash actress Rebecca Raven. She gets fired from her Production Company and goes to stay in some isolated old house. Meanwhile, her replacement gets thrown in jail; leaving her ex-producers with the task of trying to find another lead actress. Julia Roberts apparently won't take her clothes off; so they set off watching bad low budget movies, meanwhile Rebecca Raven is having trouble of her own in the form of a flesh eating zombie.

The film is light and fun throughout, and while not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination; at least remains entertaining for the duration. Clearly the film does not take itself seriously and the jokes come by way of the dialogue, and simply how stupid the film is. The first of the two tales that stem from the producers watching low budget films is the best, and features a layabout good-for-nothing junkyard owner that stumbles on a downed alien spaceship. The aliens then proceed to attack, leaving him and his estranged girlfriend to try and fight them off. The best thing about this segment is the lead performance from Rob Monkiewicz. Not a great actor, but he is entertaining and seems at home with the ridiculous plot. The second tale is more inventive, but not as good; and focuses on something to do with dreams. There's a role for Julian Wells and there's a good idea at the climax. The wrap-around is the only part that stars Misty Mundae, and the highlights include an F-word rant at her producer and seeing her wield a chainsaw. Overall, this is certainly good enough for a single viewing and Misty Mundae fans should enjoy it.

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