Share or Die


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 319

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericdekock 6 / 10

That was cool.

I picked up quite early that the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and that they just having fun. Some ball-aching death scenes, with great practical effects.

Reviewed by jackmeat 3 / 10

Needed a real review.

My quick rating - 3,1/10. OK, time for someone to bring IMDB back to reality. I do find it commendable that this film found this many characters I would hope would NOT share the app so they would die a horrible death. Oh, that just summed up this flick, share the app, or die. Aptly named movie. Well, since this movie has no idea how to explain this particular app to death scenario, it doesn't bother trying. So maybe someone doesn't share it and has an urge to kill themselves. Bingo, problem solved. Maybe someone doesn't share it, so a completely unrelated person decides to kill them. Sure, why not. No one involved in this movie has a brain anyway. So writers, think of an actual plot and stick with it. Maybe supernatural, maybe tech related (you did decide to stream bits of what looks like a linux build, and then a windows command prompt, for no apparent reason btw) so you wanted there to be a reason. Ya just couldn't decide. So the writing is horrendous, the acting isn't acting. The gore, I will give it some props for campy decency here. Too bad it was so infrequent. Btw, the movie could've ended nearly the moment it started. The post didn't get shared so how does it keep going? Naw, don't use your brains. Just watch people try to reason out what to do, and sometimes make you laugh at how they will or won't do it. Or better yet, don't waste your time on this at all.

Reviewed by whiterainey-89421 6 / 10

Good idea.

The film had a great idea that I think could have benefitted from being longer with more detail of what's going on in this little community. The lead guy is super hot. Needs practice though.

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