Separation City


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 880


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Rhona Mitra as Katrien Becker
Joel Edgerton as Simon Nicholson
Thomas Kretschmann as Klaus Becker
Danielle Cormack as Pam Nicholson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tadaia 5 / 10

Unlikeable characters

I really wanted to like this because of the cast and locale. Pros: - Wellington and sets are absolutely beautiful. - Mostly good performances - Great gags. At times you will laugh out loud. - The tone is set early for real-lifelike imperfect marriages among 30-somethings.

Cons: - Uncomfortable and noticeable male bias in the storytelling. Male bias is of course not a problem in itself, but this feels dated and out of place. - Nearly every important character is downright unlikeable and not relatable, in particular the adulterous leads (a housewife's close friend and the housewife's husband who somehow blames her because he can't keep it up without medicinal assist). Even cheaters in films should be able to elicit some degree of sympathy from the audience. I almost hoped the cheaters would somehow get struck by lightning while together. But as satisfying as that might've been it wouldn't have been very realistic. :-/

Reviewed by Sally Warner 7 / 10

Great Kiwi Drama

Come on and get behind yet another of our wonderful kiwi movies. I am biased as my friend is the accountant but I love the scenery and the outright clumsiness of the oh so kiwi back drop people.

The story is good and complex and strikes a chord with me. A tale of mixed up confused people trying hard to do their best and getting it so wrong at times. I laughed, was embarrassed, wanted to dish out one of those best friend lectures and really wanted to shake a couple of people just like you would if they were your good friends.

For kiwis take a look at Winston Peters mixed with the underpants story. Classic.

Reviewed by Seemp deHond 4 / 10

Soap comedy plot

I had high expectations as this rated almost 8 here. The movie takes on a few unhappy marriages and adultery which doesn't bother me from a moral point of view, don't get me wrong, but is just so tedious as the main plot line. It all reeks of bad comedies and soap operas taking themselves far too serious.

It gets ultimately silly with the forceful unnatural plot twists to have them all ending up in Berlin or a conference chasing each other and acting out since they are finally away from home.

It's not funny, it's not moving, it's just nothing. I could hardly sit it out. Some very bad story writing and acting here.

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