Secret of Water



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 69

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thomas-szoke 1 / 10

4 churchgoers & Trump voters

This "scientific" movie is for everyone who is willing to believe anything without questioning or taking time to research: hurchgoers & Trump voters will love this pseudo nonsense. It always scares me to witness that people are willing to intake anything that makes them feel comfortable somehow... So sad really!

Reviewed by zebra57 9 / 10

Secret of Water

We all know the importance of water. Humans can live for several weeks without food, but not without water. The scientific research evidenced in this documentary gives further claims to the value and effect of water on our wellbeing & conversely our effect on the quality of our water supply. This film should be required viewing for ALL students. We take for granted the liquid life force found in water.

The discussion of different states of water opens unto new ground; the ability of water to cleanse itself & regenerate leaves one in awe.

One of the presenters, Dr. Larry Dossey, an internist, from Texas, is the respected author of many books. He has been active in the field of "energy medicine" and has a cameo appearance in this documentary. I have met him at several conferences & respect his opinion.

I only wish some of the concepts could be explained in more detail, but then that would require an entire course. There is a lot of information in this film, in a short 77 minutes of time.

Reviewed by bennettjc61 1 / 10

Horrid Pseudoscience

I was seduced by the trailer, unfortunately.

There is so much that could be legitimately said about the wonders of water.

Instead, this is poorly produced piece highlighting the spiels of various non-scientists and non-thinkers about water. Check them out on google after you see the film.

We learn that water has feelings, doesn't like right angles, can make pretty shapes (we knew that already from snowflakes). Is unique that it can present in liquid, solid, and gaseous forms!!!!

At times this could have easily passed for parody.

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