Secret Lives


Drama / Mystery

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Daphne Zuniga as Jill Thompson
Lisa Ryder as Shelby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by broadpath 2 / 10

The Answer

This is a made-for-TV movie which means it had a small budget and an expected short life. It was made without great expectations and it succeeded.

So here is what I can never figure out about TV movies: why does the director overlook too-obvious flaws? For example, when a woman is running through the wet dark woods to escape a man with a gun would she not think to take off her BRIGHT WHITE coat? Or when she is sneaking up on the killer and has to walk across a hardwood floor she keeps her shoes on. Has this director never walked across a hardwood floor? They are noisy, even in a new house. Either the floor would squeak or her shoes would clomp. How much more would it have cost to have the woman slip her shoes off? And when a black BMW with a tinted windshield comes screaming up behind you and then bumps into you remember the old destruction derby trick. Slam on your breaks! That crushes the radiator on the car behind you and it will stop.

When you are alone and approaching a house where someone is pounding - like a sledgehammer against the wall - and you think the person pounding is a killer DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE ALONE! Here is another thing: when a man is shot in the stomach from short range he does not just fall over dead. He would easily have time to choke you out.

Never trust a man who always talks in a whisper.

The "young bank teller" has the skin of a haggard 40 year-old.

The killer is the insurance agent "Mike" and the bank teller is his accomplice. Mike finds the remaining $5M, kills his accomplice and then chases our heroine into the woods where she shoots him with his own gun. She secretly takes the $5M before calling the police. In the end she drives off in a scene exactly like Terminator in a jeep with the bag of money in the back. By the way, the top is down on the jeep and the bag of money is wide open. If I were driving that jeep I would zip up the bag so the money would not fly out. But I guess that would have cost too much.

This movie is enjoyable in its idiocy. I watched it and enjoyed it because it was is a classic of its genre. And its genre is crappy films.

Reviewed by ovaga1 10 / 10

A modern homage to Hitchcock

Although modern in it's time frame, there is something haunting and unsettling from the opening scene, as in a classic Hitchcock movie of yesterday. Excellent performances by Daphne Zuniga and Duncan Regehr whose art work adds a lot of class to the movie. The cinematography is stylish and the music is haunting and first rate, more like you would hear in a cinema than on TV. The cops are not clever, but are they in Aruba? The twist in the end is a real shocker, and unexpected. Although the movie is definitely a Lifetime formula, what separates it is the style and performances, and a definite spooky atmosphere which is not often seen on TV. Finally, if you have ever been to the Pacific North West, this movie captures it beautifully and accurately. A classic!

Reviewed by AeCool 10 / 10

A great suspense!

'Secret Lives' With Daphne Zuniga and Duncan Regehr.

A great movie, pretty pretty good. Daphne Zuniga is a very awesome actress. 'Secret Lives' is directed by George Mendeluk.

I think 'Secret Lives' it's a pretty movie, thrilling, and a really great plot. Excellent acting, ALL THE WAY !!

When art professor Jill Thompson (DAPHNE ZUNIGA OF "AMERICAN DREAMS" AND "MELROSE PLACE") receives news that her hubby has just been killed, she is stunned — she thought he had died more than 10 years ago! Now she goes digging into her spouse's secret past and discovers infidelity, embezzlement and other horrors. You'll never guess how this thriller turns and see!

**** / 5

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