Second Honeymoon


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 253

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Tim Matheson as George Weston
Michael Nouri as Phillip
Gerry Bamman as Philip
Roma Downey as Maggie Weston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

2nd Honeymoon-Give Marriage A Second Chance ****

Predictable, but extremely humorous.

There was absolutely fine chemistry existing between Roma Downey and Tim Matheson here.

Putting the soon to be divorced couple in a Robinson Crusoe like atmosphere really hit the top. Perhaps, we see the realization that a couple needs quiet time together in order to work things out.

Otherwise, the scenes dealing with the vacation, arranged by the family who don't know about their separation, are quite humorous.

The film also invariably proves that love conquers all.

The magistrate was great. Apparently, he saw that the 20 year married couple had potential and he worked feverishly for a reconciliation.

A light, heart-warming film. It shows a couple that lost touch with each other due to their immersion in work. This time out film really works.

Reviewed by tomlindh 3 / 10

Boring drivel

It was very disappointing to see Roma participate in such a poor excuse for a movie. It appeared to me that she was trying to break away from being typecast, but I really wish that she had done it with better material.

The seeming moral of this movie is that you can take a couple that is drifting hopelessly apart, strand them on a deserted island for a couple of days, and then they can live happily ever after. What a great concept! With enough deserted islands, who needs Dr. Laura?

One thing that continually went through my mind was why she tried so hard to save this marriage? Her husband was a selfish loser, and a philanderer wannabe, giving the rest of us men a bad reputation. I was rooting for her to dump him the whole time. The worst part of this movie was the fact that he never repented or reformed.

On the plus side, there were several good laughs, it was for the most part quite wholesome, everyone does eventually live happily ever after, and the beautiful Roma put in a good performance as always. It can definitely be categorized as light, humorous, family entertainment.

Reviewed by Pro Jury 7 / 10

Very similar to other Roma Downey TV film

SECOND HONEYMOON (2001) (TV) is extremely similar to BORROWED HEARTS (1997) (TV). Both have Roma Downey as the leading lady. Both have a mysterious Mexican man (Antonio in SECOND, Javier Del Campo in BORROWED), who is much more than he seems, playing the busy matchmaker. Both try to tell a heartwarming light comic/romantic "mature boy gets mature girl" tale.

There are some differences. BORROWED HEARTS takes place in the cold north during winter/Christmas. SECOND HONEYMOON takes place in the warm tropics affording some eye candy scenes with a daytime bikini beach dance teacher and one at night showing a very curvy Congo dance party.

SECOND HONEYMOON, unfortunately, tones down the charm, and plays up the conflict and comedy. Too bad. Tim Matheson and Roma Downey might have caught fire given enough music and romance. BORROWED HEARTS is a much more solid production. If in the mood for cute light romance, BORROWED HEARTS is the better of the two.

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