Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines


Action / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 2838


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Tom Sizemore as Ricks
Dylan Edy as Amjad
Langley Kirkwood as Lt.Parker
Tanya van Graan as Female Tech / Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larryorourke 10 / 10

So bad ... it's good

First of all have no expectations.... if you do decide to watch this movie. It is a bad movie for what it's trying to be. But it left me with some serious questions,

Was this made by a guy who was making fun at some of the really crappy sequels rambo/commando 2-4 or 6..etc.. that went on in the time of VHS & betamax era???. Was this guy just a bad director??? or he did the best he could do with the money he had???. mmmm....,But i found it very funny and the action was o.k.

I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but if (like me) you just come across it when there is nothing else on the telly. This was the best of a bad lot and quirky in it's own b movie-ish type.

If this came out when i was 15 or 16'ish (1985-86) i would have watched it 10 times. Like playing space invaders now oppose to call of duty... nostalgic.

so i liked it. (mind you they are bad seals... :)

Reviewed by Mizan Awarapan 1 / 10

Worth to watch If.....

If you have nothing to do for next 100 minutes and wanna torture yourself then definitely worth to watch the movie. Watch and blow your brain.I certainly had nothing to do but watch the movie and couldn't resist myself to write my first review of my entire Movie Watching career. I wish i could have rated minus 10 star. I mean seriously who came up with the idea of this movie rather than an d***head. End if the day if you want to watch this terrific worst movie then good luck. When i was watching the boat chase scene, instantly mind subconscious mind said i have seen similar scenes in Sahara movie. In the mine scene it was night but right after the scene a heli reached there and it was daylight. That heli was not even a military heli.

Acting and action scenes are so childish and terrible. Too much gun fire from the enemy but they can't hit a single bullet to hero's body but hero can handle 50+ guys with a revolver.


Reviewed by johnwalkerms 1 / 10

Bad, Bad, Bad movie

Okay, this is one of the worst military movies I have seen in a long, long time. And I only watched the first 20 minutes. I couldn't take anymore of it. I am a US Army veteran and I am very familiar with the military quirks and I will give you 3 of them that I discovered in the first 20 minutes.

1. In the opening scene, Tom Sizemore is in the Command Control Center and he is in US Navy BDU's. That is I THINK he is in the US Navy. Seeing as the "US Navy" Velcro label is missing from his uniform (making him seriously out of uniform), I have doubts as to whether he is in the Navy, Army, Marines, or whatever. Rank is also missing from the uniforms in the Control Center.

2. In the Battle that ensues, the head bad guy, General Ntonga appears on the porch, does not take cover, and starts firing his pistols wildly. Does the Seal Team decided to take him, the supreme ranking officer, out? No. Instead they shoot and kill about 10 little peons surrounding him. One of the Navy Seals finds a 50 caliber machine gun and instead of shooting the General, he shoots all the bullets out in a sweeping motion, Rambo style. Everyone is killed except for the General. He escapes. This Navy Seal Team fails in that task miserably.

3. I did not see any communications devices on any of the Seal Team members. It is CRITICAL that the team members communicate with each other, instead of shouting at each other. There is a sniper in the battle mentioned above, but without communications devices, he does not know that the General is out in the open. Also, while being shot at, one the members acts like he is crouching behind a jeep for cover, when his head is actually above the jeep itself, making himself a head shot target.

Oh, by the way. There is no Seal Team 6. It was disbanded in 1987, the year The Navy established the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, also known as DEVGRU, which governs all active duty Navy Seals (about 2,500 members). This organization is now known as Seal Team 6. So when the media refers to Seal Team 6, they are actually referring to all Navy Seals as a whole. (

Maybe Roel should have thought about hiring an actual former Navy Seal to make sure military protocols are adhered to?

The information contained in this review was all researched and verified. None of these statements were false, they are all factual.

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