Saving Grace B. Jones


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 287


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Michael Biehn as Landy Bretthorst
Penelope Ann Miller as Bea Bretthorst
Tatum O'Neal as Grace Bretthorst
Connie Stevens as Voiceover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doodlesjr-896-698684 10 / 10

Good Movie

I thought this was a great movie, very sad story to say the least, seems that Grace was brought home to be ignored, not included. Tatum O'Neal,Michael Biehn,Penelope Ann Miller, the entire cast brought me back in time, to a lost era,I would have preferred to have grown up in the 1950's vs what we have now, simple, wholesome life, Similar to Loving Vincent, If your a little crazy or you have family members who are the same, we'll this is worth watching, honestly If your not a little crazy your missing out, lol

Reviewed by Grizeus 8 / 10

Is there hope for the lost?

I didn't know what to expect when walking into this film, other than that Connie Stevens created it with many others including Tatum O'Neal as the lead actress and Michael Biehn as lead actor. I came out of the theater realizing I had just witnessed a great and legendary picture, with the second greatest performance I have ever had a chance to see. Connie Stevens was sitting directly behind me, as were two of the young actresses who helped bring real life into this film. "Grace" starts out very innocently. We learn that Michael Biehn's character is brother to a woman named Grace who has spent the last two decades confined in a mental hospital. And then we see Tatum O'Neal as Grace, and one can tell this is an extraordinary performance from the very first shot of her. After years of turmoil and bargaining, Grace is finally released back into society into Michael's home where he lives with his wife and daughter, and her friend Carrie played by Rylee Fansler. From the beginning though, this is all Rylee's experience in living with her friend and her family, and her character, Carrie, is based entirely on Connie Stevens; this film was a real part of her life. Grace was a part of her life, and as we learn, not in a truly positive way. As Grace struggles to adjust, the weather is looking grim, and a historical flood causes mass conflict for all. Can Grace cope, or will her actions lead her into the darkest of places? Tatum O'Neal, many blessings to you. She was perfect in her performance and thrilling throughout. The second half of this film is extremely darker than the first, and for that reason I urge everyone to see this film as it heads into theatres and watch the film in its entirety. I hope to see more from Connie Stevens and an Academy Award nomination for Tatum O'Neal, she deserves the best.

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo 10 / 10


Lousy dubbing, but the script, the story based on real events, very moving, in the end it hurt my soul the pain of that father, brother, husband, how many losses ... Wonderful film by actress Connie Stevens who at 74, makes her debut in the direction with a semi-autobiographical film ... Touching, deep, touching, left me with that little pain in my heart at the end, little films touch me so deeply ... Deep ...

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