Save Yourself


Horror / Thriller

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Bea Santos as Tessa
Bobbie Phillips as Elizabeth
Tristan Risk as Crystal Lacroix
Jessica Cameron as Kim Tobin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandra-struzik 9 / 10

A fun flick that is done by a fan of horror for horror fans.

SAVE YOURSELF, which I had the pleasure of watching during its screening at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival, is directed by Ryan M. Andrews' (Sick: Survive the Night) and follows a group of five female actresses making their journey to Los Angeles to attend the screening of their horror film. Unfortunately, the horror comes to life when they cross paths with a maniacal scientist who is in the mood to experiment. As the director, Crystal Lacroix, played by the ever alluring Tristan Risk (American Mary) who calls the shots drives, the other four actresses; Kim played by Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Sasha, played by Tianna Nori (The Demolisher), Lizzie, played by Caleigh Le Grand (Late Night Double Feature) and Dawn, played Lara Mrkoci (Paranormal Witness) sleep.

After driving for a long while, Crystal pulls into a rest stop to take a break and have a smoke; however, it may have been her last. At the break of dawn, the four ladies wake up with no sign of Crystal. Emotions begin to run high as the ladies find themselves in a secluded and seemingly abandoned rest stop with no cell service and not a human in sight. Their years of acting in horror films came in handy as they decide to stick together and start to look for Crystal. As they explore the area, they come across a suburban estate with a farm occupied by Chris, played by Ry Barrett (The Demolisher) and Chris' wife, Astrid, played by Elma Begovic (Bite). At first, they are relieved, believing they found someone who can help them, provide access to a phone and the police, however, they all realize they are in far more trouble.

I am certain that many of you are jumping to conclusions on what could possibly go wrong when 5 females encounter a scientist in a secluded area. Let me tell you, a lot goes wrong but Andrews presents it in the most right way possible. Andrews takes a relatively simple story and elevates it to a level that many viewers did not suspect, throwing in a twist and a few turns. The viewer is given a chance to get to know, or at least get an idea of the dynamics between the 5 women. As a viewer, you are introduced to the characters and their idiosyncrasies very early on. As a result, the viewer is invested in determining the possible fates or downfalls of each character. Andrews' script combined with such a talented ensemble cast allows the viewer to take a lot in, in a short period of time yet, continue to keep the viewer guessing or attempting to put the puzzle pieces together.

The shining star in this day-time nightmare flick is Tristan Risk. We have seen Risk portray many interesting characters, mostly strong characters and Save Yourself is no exception. Although Risks' character starts off vulnerable, and insecure about her age, Risk shows that there is far more to her character than meets the eye and gives a multi-layered performance.

If you are in the mood for a fun horror flick, with a twist, and an ensemble cast go see SAVE YOURSELF.

Reviewed by mikeledo 6 / 10

I Had A Life

Five women who make indie horror films travel from one film festival to a festival in LA. In spite of the success, directer Crystal Lacroix (Tristan Risk) is unhappy. In LA her film is being shown at 11 PM being bumped from prime time by one of the "ankle bites" who shot their feature on a cell phone camera. En route to where they are going, they make a pit stop and Crystal disappears from the group. Eventually they all end up at a remote home as captives being experimented upon by the German speaking occupants.

It wasn't hard to figure out what they were doing before it was revealed. The only question is "the final girl (s)" as all these captive films normally end up the same way. This film was okay in a crowded genre. It attempts to distinguish itself by mentioning the MK Ultra experiments and comparing it to Mengele style stuff in one quick line.

Reviewed by eprusulis 5 / 10

This movie started off great

This movie started off great it could have been easily and eight or a nine but then the second half of the movie where they were just making the girls make terrible decision after terrible decision and just dumb decisions turn the movie until like a five too many stupid decisions to count

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