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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisakcorcoran 10 / 10


This DVD and Part 2 as well were fantastically and beautifully created. Judging this series, one way or the other, is really NOT where you want to be on your path. I will only say that you will know that this series if 'for you' or 'not for you' when you watch it. For my husband and I, we ABSOLUTELY found that it was the 'right' time for us to observe these and the art, thoughts expressed and ancient spiritual thought processes reminded us of who we truly are, why we are truly here and the 'work' we still need to focus on within ourselves. Highly recommend these DVD's for those who are seeking alternative possibilities other than what we are taught from birth as to our existence. You know who you are.

Reviewed by Sexy-scientist 3 / 10

Should not be called documentary, it's a video.

To be called a documentary, you must only present facts/truth backed by evidence. It is lacking in this movie. Meaning of samadhi is tried to be explained using analogies, but it failed terribly. Most of the facts presented are distorted. Sometimes, they are plain wrong. Pacing of the voiceover is kept slow to give a pseudo sense that the things being told are deep and you will take time to understand. Video seemed pushed. It looked like they recorded the audio first and then searched the Internet for images/footage which would fit the context.

Reviewed by bertram-17463 10 / 10

The best of the best.

If you want understand, really understand this movie is very helpfull. Perfect music, shots, animation, harmony and balanced. It goes into your body, through every cells and more......deep or high.......Ora et, study, study and contemplate and you will understand and most precious gem will be reveled. Like this helpfull movie......thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.

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