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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phenomynouss 6 / 10

these people lack critical thinking

the film almost takes too long to hook you in, but once it does it does so quite effectively it moves slowly getting to the climax point, where it then reveals the conceit of the movie as evidenced in the title and tagline; when they rewind their camera they go back in time to where they'd filmed earlier, and encounter their past selves. we then see it's been their future selves messing with their past selves, scaring them and the like.

it keeps going along this route with seemingly no clear purpose, until suddenly one of them decides he wants to kill his past self. after doing so, another future version of himself appears and kills him.

then it devolves into a manic scenario of dozens of different copies of the two guys running around and killing each other with no clear distinction as to which pair "belongs". the ending seems to indicate one of the pairs is done dicking around and is trying to clean up by killing off all the duplicates.

initially I thought these people lack critical thinking, as I saw coming a mile away the end result of these idiots ending up with dozens of copies of themselves, or with themselves endlessly killing themselves.

the more I think of it, the more I think it might be some manner of commentary on what a pack of dudebros would do with time-travel copies of themselves, and how, after a period of jokes and pranks on their past selves gets old, it ends up devolving into murder.

aside from that, it was mostly fun to watch, although the characters tended to be highly unlikeable

Reviewed by myprettylittlebookreviews 3 / 10

A strange "found footage" movie

This has to be one of the strangest movies I have seen. That's not to say it's not unique because it is, but how everything plays out is downright confusing. The acting was alright, the plot-line is, err, different, and the found footage aspect was done well enough. I simply cannot get over how strange and confusing it truly was. Sorry!

If you are like me and will essentially watch any type of found footage than this one is decent enough to try, but it's certainly not my favorite and I wouldn't watch it again.

Reviewed by dukeakasmudge 1 / 10


RWD has to be 1 of the worst found footage movies there is.It reminded me of when I took a film class in high school & our teacher said *Today we're going to learn about special effects.Everybody is going to walk around school filming whatever you like & later on, we're going add in some special effects* That's exactly what this movie felt like.It felt like it was footage shot by high school kids that made absolutely no sense & was only shot to show off special effects.If you come across this movie, I'd skip it.I almost made it to the end but with 15 minutes left to go, I just could NOT do it anymore.I felt like I was torturing myself.The only thing I can think of that almost helped me make it to the end was my love of bad movies but RWD was badder than bad, it was B- A-Double D..... BADD!!! Avoid it at all costs

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