Russkiy Reyd

2020 [RUSSIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carlos-pires 2 / 10

Like watching someone playing Tekken and Call of Duty

The dumb paper-thin plot and clumsy storytelling are just excuses for having lots of guys beating and shooting each other up. Nothing here really makes much sense. It's just like watching someone playing Tekken and Call of Duty at the same time. That's the only entertainment value you'll get from this.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

No guns.

Nikita watches his father get killed as a child. As an adult he wants revenge and get involved in a complex campaign to raid a liquor factory that used to make missiles. He is with a group that looks like a boys fight club. We know this is going to end up as a one on one climax at the end. It always does. In between we have all kinds of fighting. In fact the film is almost all fighting as a way to showcase Russian martial arts. If all you want to do is watch fist fights, police club fights, sword fights, finally elevated to gun fights then this is your film with subtitles. Not much plot or characters.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by stillphototheater 6 / 10

Typical hero fighting all the bad guys

Predictable story line. Typical portrayals of Russian stereotypes, but enjoyable anyway. Several of the fight scenes were extremely well choreographed and superbly executed. Several of the fight scenes not so well done. I watched this on DVD and the sound and subtitles were excellent. It was worth watching one time, maybe not two times.

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