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Matt Stokoe as Sam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patrickharding-63013 7 / 10

Well executed

This was a perfect, short movie that was very well acted and directed. Yea it was nothing new under the sun but I liked the execution of it. So much better then cheese fests like It Don't listen to the haters. It won't win any awards but I think if you have a heart this one will appeal to you.

Reviewed by BuriedEntertainment 4 / 10

Boring meh

Why in the name of hell are people saying that this is intriguing and original?!

I like slow passed movies and building up tension but nothing happens in here, I didn't care a bit for any of the characters, and this type of story is anything but new.

It felt like a complete hour of nothing.

Reviewed by ptrsknnr 3 / 10


What is it with movies the last 18 mths ?...another vampire movie set in a cabin in the woods with a non ending that leaves you up in the air....a total rip off.

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